Nicki Minaj Admiring Physical Assets Filed In: Hotness 7


Nicki Minaj knows sex sells, and she is making sure to consistently put in the work in keep her stock high…jumping on the social tube to launch the above photo- Nicki punched in this message along with her photo:

Back at it.

Nicki Minaj Caught Biting Lil Kim’s Style Filed In: Celebrities 18

Warning!  Bad language

Lil Kim has long said that Nicki Minaj has been biting her style in every way in making a name for herself-and her long stemming frustration with Nicki is that she will not admit to the cause despite the evident movement seen by many. This(video above) might just be one of the biggest evidence so far in Nicki Minaj riding on Kim’s style to maintain relevancy. You have to admit, Lil Kim was hot back then.  Last week Nicki released the disgusting track Looking Ass N***a track that according to  Rhymes With Snitch:

Back in 2008 Lil Kim dropped a freestyle called ‘Lookin Boy’ which was re-done by Yung Joc in 2009 and repackaged and remixed by Nicki Mianj as ‘Lookin Ass Niggas’ in 2014.

Strange Nicki would jump on a track belting the same tone as the woman she essentially has no respect for.

Nicki Minaj’s Nasty Release Song Has Us In Disgust Filed In: Celebrities,Ubran & Alternative Music 15

Warning!!!! Foul language

Nicki Minaj released her latest tune, Looking Ass Nigga and may I say it’s just disgusting. Can she say the N-word anymore. For every time I heard Nicki Minaj saying the N-word in Looking Ass Nigga, I felt like a knife being driven to my chest. Really!? I thought… why would Nicki just use that word as if it doesn’t mean anything to black history. (more…)

A New Nicki Minaj Hair Do ? Filed In: Celebrities 7


Yes, that is Nicki Minaj… what did she do ? We don’t know. It’s difficult to tell if Nicki Minaj actually chopped off her hair or if she is trying to garner some attention for herself in trying to make us all believe she had some heavy clippers taken to her hair.

Would You Buy These… Filed In: Cool Stuff 25


…it’s Pink Dre Beats for the ladies. Nicki Minaj  shot up the above image to  the Net of the Pink Beats by Dre collection in connection to her #PinkFriday theme. The headphones go for a whopping $400.00- well, $399.95 but you know what I mean- just call it four hundred. Along with shooting up the beats by Dre image to the Net, Nicki added this caption:

The Nicki Minaj beatsbydre collection is now complete. Pink Pill Speakers, Pink Earbuds, Pink & White Pros #HappyPinkFriday.

Would you buy this pink headphones ?