Porsha Williams’ Mug Shot Is The Best We Have Seen

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Porsha Williams mug shot must be the most beautiful booked photo for assault that we have ever seen. Just yesterday we told you  charges against Porsha Williams  were pending as an arrest warrant was issued for her following a police report Kenya Moore fiked claiming Porsha kicked her ass like there was no tomorrow assaulted her.

If we were not in on the juice- we would have thought Porsha’s mug shot was a college year book photo. Some where Kenya is breaking a glass in disgust of Porsha’s free-spirted mug shot. The above photo should have been one of sadness and water eyes…Kenya must be flipping out.

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John Daly Hits Golf Ball Off Tee In Women’s Mouth

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Really!? We find this hard to believe for many reason… a woman, a person would trust that the accuracy by someone would be on point in hitting a golf ball off a tee placed in their mouth.

Call us crazy, but we believe John Daly’s golf ball hit off a tee planted in the women’s mouth is some kind of video trick. The woman in the video however says what took place is real. You believe ? Can’t see the video? Go over to  You Tube

Charges Against Porsha Williams Pending After Arrest Warrant Issued

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According to reports- charges against Porsha Williams  are pending for the express beat-down she delivered to loud-box reality television cast-mate Kenya Moore. Porsha must be kicking herself right now for not taking that  Kordell Stewart money in the divorce. There is no question she will need some serious cash for that steal sliding door to open for admission back to the free world in heading to that comfy bachelorette pad. Atlanta police are said to have issued an arrest warrant for Porsha  due to a police report Kenya made  against Porsha for humiliating her on national television for attacking her like a wild cat. There’s More…