Yes, Kelly Rowland Did Gets A Lap Dance From Chris Brown Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 10

Ok, so its not a shocker that Chris Brown is still giving out lap dances as other entertainers are, but what surprises us is that Kelly Rowland positioned herself for this act onstage. We really had a higher level of standards for Kelly, we never once thought we would see her in such a role.¬† Its been said that Chris Brown is the next Michael Jackson(MJ), but I can’t recall a time where MJ provided lap dances to his female fans or other celebrities in rising to the top.

The act of Chris Brown and other artist providing lap dances to audience members and to other celebrities is just classless and in poor taste. Lets save this and keep this in the strip clubs. Fast forward to the 3:00 mark to see Chris get to work on Kelly. Anybody else we wouldn’t care, but for a woman that we always view as respectable, we find Chris grinding motion on Kelly to be disturbing.¬† There is nothing worse than seeing a person who you thought to have high and clean standards to stoop low as those dirty, ¬†groupie females.