T.I.’s New Album Cover Showcasing Gun In Mix Of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

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Yes, that is the cover for T.I.’s new album, and the ignorance in our country is about to make record sales difficult for T.I. in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. What do I mean by ignorance, ok here goes… there is no doubt that the striking down of innocent lives is a horrible thing, especially that of children who are at no level to defend themselves, but being sensitive to the lives lost of 20 children after having a gun aimed at them with bullets being pumped into them should create the discussion for change where guns are banned in America. The display of a gun on an album cover should not be the topic here.

We get it that T.I. sporting a gun in his hand on his album cover can be insensitive during the time when 20 children and adults lost their lives after being shot to death, but lets remember that T.I.’s album cover was completed months before the Sandy Hook massacre. What really matters here and hurts are guns being made available for the public to purchase, whether that be high powered guns or low powered guns they all are capable of taking a person’s life and in vast amounts. How many bullets does a 9 mm gun hold, 6-8 ? killing six to eight people is not a massacre ?

The belief by politicians in that getting rid of high powered guns will make our country safe is just an ignorant discusssion. At the end of the day, if you want to talk about insensitivity and giving backlash, lets talk about the government and no one else, because they are the ones responsible for guns in homes whether that be legal or illegal. If guns were banned, the level of massacres would drastically drop to maybe no more being committed. Its difficult to committ a massacre with a knife. Banning guns will not eliminate murders, but it sure will drastically drop it to a low percentage and us not having to worry about being sprayed by bullets as we walk outside, in malls or in schools and fear for our children’s saftey.