Disgusting! Bow Wow Disses Ciara At Supafest

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The Supafest tour has gone strong this year with a lot of terrific performances and Bow Wow was looking to blow everyone out of the water with a reunion performance for the track Like You. As they conversed over Twitter, right away it was detected that Ciara was not comfortable in performing the hit song with Bow Wow. Its either he didn’t get that, he doesn’t take rejection well or the combination of both. In a surprising fashion and only to make Ciara feel good in that she made the right decision in not performing with him, Bow Wow went onstage and dissed Ciara, saying this:

 “I’m single now. I ain’t with ciara!”

Wow! maybe we should still be calling him Lil Bow Wow, because clearly he has a lot of growing up to do. Someone needs to tell Bow Wow that he doesn’t control the process of when a person chooses to forgive him. Obviously there are issues of the past which Ciara is still hurt by. In case you didn’t know, Ciara and Bow Wow at one point were a couple, yes, it was difficult for us to swallow at the time too, because Ciara is just too much of a woman for Bow Wow. So anyways, during their relationship, its alleged that Bow Wow cheated on Ciara with stripper and that is what ended the relationship.

We don’t know why she Ciara decided not to perform with Bow Wow but it wouldn’t be surprised if she is still hurt from issues of the pass from her previous connection with Bow Wow. If she was starting to forgive the pass, Bow Wow blew that now with his onstage stupidity and this only proved to Ciara that she made the right decision.

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    Ciara was truly too much of a woman for Bow Wow…. just look at her body, Bow Wow can’t handle her physically or mentally. But, the problem is, Ciara continues to have poor judgement in selecting men.

  • Lenesha White

    Well , I’m not making excuses for ANYONE. But maybe Bow Wow just wanted to let everyone know that they were broken up. Oh and , why would Ciara ever date him? SURE he’s super cute but shes too grown a woman to be dating a little thing like Bow Wow.

    • Fiona Robinson

      Yes u r making excuses! Wow i only agree with part of what u sed ms ‘Lenesha White’. But i also dont agree with part of what u sed. See ms.lenesha, ciara and bow wow were a cute couple. and maybe ciara really liked the guy he was and how he looked. So i dont agree with that part. BUT I DO AGREE ON THE SECOND PART! WHY THE FUCK WOULD CIARA DATE A SHIT BAG IN THE FIRST PLACE?