Diggy Simmons “Copy Paste” Sounds Like Trash

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Diggy Simmons is about to release his first single and I must say it looks like a disappoint and is nothing different than what we have heard already. Diggy, a 16 year old and son of Rev Run sounds exactly like all the talents currently in the hip hop arena, there is nothing in his upcoming new song that seperates him from the others.

They give us teasers with the hopes of keeping us on the edge of our seats wanting more, but all I need to hear are the few seconds of Diggy’s new song to know that it’s crap and nothing spectacular. It sounds to me like he is even using auto tune and I ask why. As a new artist, I ask why would the people behind the scenes not have him showcase his voice, instead of using auto tune.

Here is what Diggy Simmons had to say to Rap-up:

“‘Copy, Paste’ is about just giving an anthem to original people, innovators, people that feel like their style’s been copy, pasted. I’m in a laboratory and I’m hooked up to wires and different stuff. I have like a bandage over my stomach. There’s laboratory girls in the scene, but it’s just about them trying to copy and paste me.”

The song sucks and is kinda of annoying, but I just know those females who are not into really listening to the foundation of a song and are more into Diggy as a person than for his lyrical ability will end voting Copy Paste on the music count down.