Stress Of Marriage And Kids Is Evident On Nick Cannon’s Face Filed In: Troubled Celebs 6

nick cannon leaving the hospital

Look at Nick Cannon’s face as he leaves the hospital, he looks like crap, appearing very tired and looking extremely stressed out  in the face. Typically, we would ignore a person in this shape as they leave the hospital due to the process of recuperating, but Nick Cannon’s stressful, tired looking appearance has been one that we have seen since his marriage to Mariah Carey.

My wife, my wife, my wife is all we hear Nick Cannon say referring to Mariah Carey when speaking to others, but this only appears that Nick is trying to convince us in  how much he loves Mariah. Men typically over-expressing love for their women is often a state of mind-play in denying what the truth is, a state of unhappiness and being over the moment. We said it before and will say it again, its only a matter of time before Nick and Mariah end their marriage. Nothing about their relationship appear genuine to us. Wonder if  Mariah was there as  Nick Cannon left the hospital, because this is the time where a partner should be there for the other.