Rihanna Threatening Chris Brown ?

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She may have a pretty face, but it maybe the the most dangerous thing of a woman that every man is terrified of getting with. Rihanna gets back with Chris Brown and expects he is a man that has changed for the better, and that they are meant to be together but then reportedly has threatened to destroy him should he decide to leave her. Wow! if true to the core, Rihanna displays herself as the woman every man is trying to avoid. Here is what is being reported according to as spotted over at  Rhymes With Snitch:

According to a well-placed source, RiRi,24, has told Chris,23, that she’ll “finish him off” if he leaves her.

“She says she’s been through so much pain to get Chris back that his life won’t be worth living if he breaks her heart again,” the source reveals.

“It’s pretty scary – but instead of freaking Chris out, it seems to turn him on.”

This reminds me of that movie with Martin Lawrence and Angela Bassett, A Thin Line Between Love And Hate.