No Intervention Given To Bobbi Kristina Filed In: Troubled Celebs 23


Sounds  good but can it be really true, so m any previous lies have come out of  Houston’s camp, could this be another in hiding the real issues at hand.

Earlier we reported a story revealed by The National Enquirer alleging that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s concern about their daughter, Bobbi Kristina’s out-of-control partying prompted them to stage an intervention, but a representative for Bobby Brown says not true.

Here is what the representative said:

“There is no truth to the reports about Bobby and Whitney staging an intervention with their daughter.”

We don’t know how much of this we believe, only observation and time will tell if all is true, because representatives for these stars so often try to sugar-coat things or ignore the reality of ongoing problems.


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  • Sandra J. R

    I feel so sorry for Whitney’s daughter! She needed her mother for so many things at the place she is in, in her life! I know she will have money but that cannot buy her what she really needs. I am praying for her. Prayer does change things!!!!