Lindsay Lohan Adds To Her List Of Troubles; She Is Clogging Toilets Too Filed In: Troubled Celebs 21


The troubles just continue to mount for Lindsay Lohan, but luckily for her this time it has nothing to do with the law but rather the load of crap, literally that she dumped in one of the toilets on the set of Scary Movie 5. According to Perez Hilton, Lindsay was routed out as the one that cause a washroom shut down on the set of Scary Movie 5 due to the enormous crap she took that clogged the toilet. So gross!

Here is what is being said by a source:

“Lindsay clogged the toilet in her own trailer while she was there. And because the toilets in the other trailers ran on the same connected system, the others stopped working, too. No one could go to the bathroom.”

Damn ! how embarrassing this must be for Lindsay, women are already discreet when they do number two, so imagine being in Lindsay’s shoes as the one that clogged the toilet. Lindsay’s crap clogging up the washroom was no mess, it brought everything out of order on the set of Scary Movie 5,  here is what is being said:

“Everything got so messy, it took a day and a half to clean up. Production fell behind schedule because of it.”

Damn ! What is Lindsay eating, bricks. For a little woman like that, you wouldn’t think she would be dropping bombs in the toilet to the point of clogging it up.