Kayne West Bangs Head Into Street Sign; Goes Beserk On Paparazzi For Taking Photos

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Don’t take any photos of Kayne West, because it puts him at risk of melting to death. While walking in Beverly Hills to a restaurant to get his grub on with his baby mama-Kim Kardashian, the paparazzi wasted no time in snapping their lens away at Kayne and Kim-forcing Kayne to walk with his head held down from the cameras only to bang it into a street sign. The moment looked painful, but laughable at the same time.

Kayne banging his head into a street sign sheds light in that he might have been a stuborn child as he is an adult. How many times our parents tell us to pay attention to where we are walking. Kim looked like she wanted to laugh at Kayne banging his head into a pole with her soft  touch of comfort. Kayne freaked, walking up to a photog cussing out the man not to take any photos. Narcissist- how difficult they can be. They want attention, but then they don’t want attention.

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