About “Jay Z Threatening Chris Brown’s Career” ?

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chris brown

Since Chris Brown and Rihanna reignited their relationship friendship, rumors have been flying that Jay Z had a talk with Chris Brown telling him that should he place his hands on Rihanna again, he would finish Chris’ career. It was all crap when we heard the reports, because first off, who is Jay Z to dictate the performance on an artist career ? The Godfather of music ? Anyways, so since the rumors and it making its way back to Chris, he is now coming forward answering those crazy rumors saying this on the real discussion which took place between he and Jay Z:

“It was like a green room backstage. [Jay] comes in says what’s up to everybody. And it was cordial, ‘what’s up man, how you doing? Nice seeing you. I ain’t seen you in a minute.”

“It was real respectful, it was nothing like [what they said].”

What you think, did Jay Z really threaten Chris and he is just hiding it ?