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Long time we have been begging for Usher to get rid of that  ugly hairstyle, and he has finally done it. On a day of one of the biggest nights in Hollywood with the Golden Globes, Usher’s hairstyle fits the bill along with a nice facial shave.

Who Is Usher Speaking To ? Tameka Raymond ? Filed In: Feuding Celebrities 17


Usher jumped on Twitter tweeting this:

I said I’d never trust a bitch again…meet my best friend.:-) OK ok ok, I’m done with sayin bitch…just h

Now, its not known who Usher is speaking to in his tweet,   but we can only assume that its his ex-wife Tameka Raymond. Even if not, is this really the voice and tone of “a nice man.” ?  Just days ago on Usher’s recent performance on the Ellen Show, Ellen made the comments in saying Usher is the nicest man she has ever met. Is she serious ?

Usher’s Career Apparently Has Flat-lined: Usher Set To Sign As New Judge On “The Voice” Filed In: Featured Post,Reality T.V. 18


Gosh, please really don’t tell us Usher is going to joining The Voice.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but if it turns out to be true in that Usher will be a new judge on The Voice, we gotta ask, what is he doing. Like, seriously, did Usher’s music career slide so far into the dumps that he can’t retrieve it to place it back to that successful stage it was once at. (more…)

Usher Looking More And More Like Michael Jackson Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 11

Since Michael Jackson’s passing, we cannot help but notice how much Usher  is steering away from the orginality of what has made him who he is today and increasingly implenting the style of Michael Jackson in his dance routines and stage set-up.  It is no secret that Michael Jackson has inspired many of the entertainers in the music busisness today.

 we often see this through their dance routines and their selection in fashion, but Usher is just over doing it. Its no wonder why Chris Brown has been highly favoured to be the one to obtain the spotlight at a high level as MJ. He did have a more of a different style at the superbowl which we loved. His entrance on that rope, wire, whatever the heck that line was that he came on the stage on was awesome.

Usher Gears Up For Super Bowl XLV Performance Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 6

usher dancing rehearses for superbowl performance dressed in all black

Looking crufty still(wonder when he is going to cut that hair and smooth out or shave that beard) but feeling better, Usher smashed Dallas with a pre-performance at DIRECTV and Mark Cuban’s HDNet Super Bowl Party at Victory Park before the Super Bowl showdown begins. The Ushman is schedule for a spot performance at the Super Bowl half-time show as he will be joining the Black Eyed Peas and Slash at the halftime show