A Sign Your Partner Is Too Young For You; Used To Draw Pictures Of You As A Child

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Tiger Woods new woman, Alyse Lahti Johnson who is 22 years old now admitted that use to  “draw good luck pictures for Tiger before his tournaments” as a child. Tiger Woods does not seem to have learned from his mistakes with yonger woman, woman who unstable and ones that display a lack of morals. How does he go from a supermodel with values and responsiblity to a woman as young and ugly as Johnson.

According to Us Weekly Johnson’s stepfather lives next door to Woods in Windermere, Florida, so you know he has money, as for Johnson, she serves as an excutive at his sports management company. An excutive at the age of 22, how often do you hear this or when last have you heard this.

Here is what a source said of the Johnson’s connection to Tiger Woods:

“They had photos in their house of their family with Tiger,” says the pal. “But Alyse never said she was interested in him!”

 According to an insider, Johnson reconnected with the Tiger because of her stepdad. Money sure does talk doesn’t it.

An insider said this:

“They started dating around New Year’s Eve after seeing each other at one her dad’s functions.” 

For someone that is wealthy many times over and have an empire to run and says that he will be a better person, how responsible is this for Tiger to be running around with young girl. Its not like there will be any future in this and how can he get refocused on his golfing career. Who knows, maybe she is the one distracting his golfing career to the point he cannot win any championships. Because I highly doubt his lack of wins has anything to do with his break-up from his now ex-wife. If his ex-wife was such a big loss to him, he would’nt have jump onto another woman so fast but rather focus on his golfing career.

Tiger Woods New Woman Is Dirty Lookin And More Juicytings

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tiger woods new girlfriend

Take a look at this chick, this is the new woman Tiger Woods has reportedly been hanging around with heavily lately and we must say that we didn’t expect him to do any better than this. Ok, we will be fare, the reported over a dozen women he allegedly cheated on his now ex-wife with were some hot females, some of them anyways. But the thought that he cheated on his wife not just once but many times over and the rumors that some of those females were prostitutes, we really don’t expect Tiger to find a woman with good morals and combining beauty..

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750 Million Divorce Settlement Too Much For Tiger Woods

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There are so many different assumptions floating around about Tiger Woods’ divorcethe settlement that Tiger Woods’ wife is mostly likely to obtain. The most frequent saying is that she will get about 750 million. For a while I have been wondering how is it possible that she can get that much money when it is widely stated that Woods’ networth is about 500 million. This is what I have been hearing for sometime, so how can the media think that his wife will walk away with 750 million.  After being so confused about how the media came up with such figure and thought maybe I was wrong and missing something, I recently saw this statement from forbes:

Tiger Woods in nike clothing at golf match

We’ve been tracking Tiger’s earnings since he turned pro in 1996. Last year he became the first athlete to earn a cumulative $1 billion through his income from prize money, appearance fees, endorsements and his golf course design business. Nike has been his biggest benefactor paying the world’s top golfer in the neighborhood of $250 million since 1996. The relationship has obviously bolstered Nike as its golf division reported annual sales of $638 million last week. Tiger’s annual earnings in 2010 will be down at least $30 million after sponsors like Accenture, AT&T and Gatorade walked away. He still earned $105 million over the past 12-months and ranks fifth on our recent list of the most powerful celebrities.

“Yet those earnings are before the tax man and his agents at IMG took their cut. And if you think Tiger made a killing in the stock market, think again. The S&P 500 is at the same level it was at 12 years ago. By our count Woods is worth $600 million and any divorce settlement is likely to be worth a fraction of current reports.”

Just as what I suspected, ok he appears to be worth a bit more but not enough as I suspected earlier for his wife to be getting 700 million as the media is assuming. Even if he was worth a billion dollars, Tiger Woods handlers would have seen to it that a good prenup was drawn up that benefited him. Plus it is not like she was with him from the time he started his career, he accumulated the majroity of his income without her. I even think 100 million is too much for Elin Nordegren. What do you think, do you think she desveres that much money?

Tiger Woods Finalize Divorce At 100 Million?

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Tiger Woods

Well, Tiger Woods divorce from his wife is set to be finalized anytime soon. Just in case you may have been living under a rock, Tiger Woods had an affair with multiple women during his marrigae to Elin Nordegren, who currently have two kids for Woods. Rumours flirting around claim that Elin Nordegren will be walking away with 100 million and most likely full custody of the kids. When last have you seen a man go through a divorce with his wife and granted full custody of the children? like rarely ever? This is pretty much a losing fight for the guy and one should not even try fighting for custody but rather seek visitation rights.

Tiger really created a mess for himself and is literally paying for it now, reports are that Elin is planning on moving to Sweden with the kids, making it difficult for Tiger to have weekend visitations as he is said to be requesting during the divorce settlement. Yes, Tiger did an awful thing by being unfaithful to Elin, but lets hope that she will not be selfish in trying to gain revenge with Tiger by distancing the children from their father, because surely moving to Sweden with the kids is essentially what she will be doing. Elin, needs to be an Adult, wife, and humane for her kids and not a revengful wife. What do you think of this mess?  Comments?