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We have not seen such a red carpet event show-down in a long-time, but as always there can only be one winner. People like to compare Rihanna to Rita Ora, but there is no competition. Rihanna kills Rita Ora every time, especially at this MTV Movie Awards red carpet event.

Rihanna is way, way sexier than Rita Ora. However, Rita maybe a much more respectable woman than Rihanna. If I had to choose between Rita and Rihanna to be my woman(what a dream)- I would have to select Rita as dignity is more important to me.

Image via Coco Perez

Rita Ora Working On New Album, Admits Jay Z Dedicated On Making It “Perfect” Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 24


Rising pop star singer Rita Ora is gearing up again for another album, and this time round she admits that Jay Z is really hands on this project.  Rita is set to release her upcoming new single I Will Never Let You Down. Rita who is signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation had this to say about where she is at mentally saying:

Now we’re at a place where I’ve grown up a little bit; it’s been two years since my last album When I met him I was 17, and I am 23 now, so he’s watched me grow and now it’s about me having my own opinion and making my own decisions, which he understands.

Behind the scene look at Rita’s new music video after the jump… (more…)

Rita Ora Is Your Next 50 Shades Of Grey Entry Filed In: Hollywood Movie Reviews 3


Surprisingly, singer  Rita Ora  has been named as the latest to be cast in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades Of Grey. Rita made a small stint in Fast And Furious 6- and with only that taste on the big screen- it is a surprise that the people behind the scene would select a shy Rita Ora for the adult rated film. Wonder if and what strings Jay Z pulled behind the scenes to land Rita on Fifty Shades of Grey.

Ha! what are we saying… Jay Z doesn’t have that much pull especially on the new project belonging to  the  Fifty Shades Of Grey writer  who would have the ultimate say for the actors in her Fifty Shades Of Grey movie.  Rita’s role in Fifty Shade’s Of Grey we suspect is a small one… but whatever, Rita is excited about the opportunity, here is what she jumped on Twitter to say:

It’s official! I’ve been cast in@Fiftyshades of Grey as Christian’s sister Mia. #Fiftyshades

Fifty Shades of Grey is already in production and is set to hit theatres February 2015. Check out a snip of Rita Ora in Fast And Furious 6 below…

Rita Ora Shows Off Her Latest Ink Filed In: Amazing Tattoos,Celebrities 18


Yes, Rita Ora got another tattoo, and she was so kind in undressing to show you all where it is located while hiding her two little babies of course. This is what she had to say while thanking the person responsible for the new ink:

Say hello to my new little friend Rosetta…thank you @bangbangnycshe’s beautiful.

We just hope this is not a trend of a whole lot more ink Rita Ora is planning on putting on her body.

Rita Ora Admits Fines By Jay Z For Late Studio Entrance Filed In: Celebrities,Ubran & Alternative Music 24


Rita Ora, a member of Jay Z’s Roc Nation label in a recent interview admitted to being fined by Jay Z for showing up late to the studio for recording sessions. Here is Rita explaining a time she was late to the studio:

I was late in the studio by ten minutes and I got an email  checking  up on me. There’s a fine if I’m late.

And how did such a fine come into place for Rita should she be late for studio sessions, well, looks like she is responsible for putting it in place but is feeling it in her wallet…she says:

I set that standard for myself, but now I’m regretting it. (more…)