A Day In The Life Of Rihanna

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Isn’t Rihanna tired… just tired of smoking weed, and dressing trashy for attention. As much as Rihanna likes to portray to the world that she is loved back home in her native country, Barbados(Bajans)- I was told this is not so.

I was told that Bajans cannot stand Rihanna as they believe her trashy dressing and reported man-hopping is a disgrace to Barbados.  No proof as to how many men Rihanna bed with- but the people of Barbados only need to see public action in how one carries themselves to see if their spirit will accept the person. Many Bajans reportedly have not accepted Rihanna. My Bajan source went onto say that Bajans believe Rihanna sold herself out to the devil for fame. The devil being the powerful individuals behind the music scene who are believed to hold no belief in God but rather worship of the devil but never publicly admitting it; however, it displays so clearly in their artist music videos and other work.

Going back to Rihanna’s body, it seems like we have seen every cranny of her body that there is nothing left to the imagination. Pretty sad. Above, she launched photos up to Instagram reminding us that she is still around. Yes, even Rihanna requires a daily dose of attention. The  pop singer  was ringing in the celebration of 4/20 festivities- a term which represents the celebration of marijuana in smoking it on April 20th…more photos after the jump…


Red Carpet Event: Rihanna Vs Rita Ora

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We have not seen such a red carpet event show-down in a long-time, but as always there can only be one winner. People like to compare Rihanna to Rita Ora, but there is no competition. Rihanna kills Rita Ora every time, especially at this MTV Movie Awards red carpet event.

Rihanna is way, way sexier than Rita Ora. However, Rita maybe a much more respectable woman than Rihanna. If I had to choose between Rita and Rihanna to be my woman(what a dream)- I would have to select Rita as dignity is more important to me.

Image via Coco Perez

In Your Weekly Rihanna News: Pop Singer Living With Drake, Reportedly

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And, in today’s daily Rihanna news, talks are that the emotionally unbalance pop singer is now living with Canadian rapper Drake somewhere in Los Angeles. Rihanna living with Drake just makes us laugh…one because any idiot from a mile away can see that Rihanna has no serious feelings for Drake. (more…)

Rihanna Pregnant ? Bulging Belly Has Many Assuming

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The latest rumor going around is that Rihanna is pregnant, and the two men who may have planted the seed is said to be Drake or Chris Brown, yes that’s the talk. Now! Rihanna may jump from man-to-man, but I don’t believe she is this stupid to get knocked up by any man at this point in her life. She can be stupid, but she cannot, cannot be this stupid.

Women have that time of the month where they get that bloat-ness, and I believe this is the case Rihanna is going through. I have four sisters, so I am very familiar with the conditions that comes with that time of the month. The media would love to have a knocked up Rihanna, but sorry… I am not believing it. You?

Image via Hollywood Life

Rihanna Is Still A Woman Of Interest

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Above what you are looking at is a paparazzi frenzy involving Rihanna. Can you see her above- I certainly can’t.  Rihanna shot up the above photo to Instagram with the caption:

find me. i dare you


Yes, there is still a demand for pop singer Rihanna. No question. If the Barbados born singer is unsure in where she stands in the eye relevancy, she only needs to step out of her house and walk the streets. A gang of paparazzi flashing away with their cameras and on the chase is the confirmation of relevancy. There she is at the scene of the mess below.