Enjoy New Year’s Eve With One Of Top 5 DJ

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Yes, that is socialite Paris Hilton who comes from a wealthy and famous family that allowed her easy access in joining the reality show world, which she raked in some serious dough off of. Paris is no stranger to spending money like crazy, she has been given a boost to success in starting businesses and creating a future for herself with the help of the tip of her family fortune, so earning money has not been difficult for Paris.

What Paris really does for a living and is hands on with we really don’t know. But, Paris, who is an adult but acts like a teen made it known to TMZ just days ago that she is one of the top 5 DJ’s in the world. High ranked DJ’s and others outside the business are laughing their heads off at Paris’ claims.

Paris Show Hilton Low Ratings Reality Show And Grilled On The View

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Listen to Whoopi above as she asked Paris questions that we all wonder about.

If you’re surprised at the low ratings of her new show, you shouldn’t be. As much as Paris claimed that her show was much different from all the other reality shows, I couldn’t see this being a possibility and only thought of the show as lacking intellect.

Well many of the reality television shows aren’t exactly mind busters or knowlegable but with Paris’s reality show compare to the rest, we know that if you want to be stupid, if there is such a belief, just watch Paris’s show. Clearly America and the rest of the world are not into seeing Paris shop or complain about the struggles of her easy, rich life, so not suprisingly, a surging amount of Americans didn’t tune in for Paris nonsense reality show.

As always, Paris takes no blame for her part in anything, so we are not surprise that she blamed the network for the low ratings. What a clown! check out what was said:


Paris Hilton Joins Charlie Sheen’s Set Of Enablers

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What the hell is Paris Hilton doing sending Charlie Sheen such an enabling tweet… this woman is truly loose change. Anyone who engage Charlie in anyway, giving him any sense of validation for his ridiculous behaviour and sayings he has been launching over the weeks are just contributors to his unstable, drug-induced state.  


Paris Hilton Does A Big No, No: Texting While Driving

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How many more lives most be taken on the roads by the stupid, senseless acts of drivers. The message clearly is not drilled in Paris Hilton‘s head yet of how dangerous it is to be texting and driving. Can someone tell this dumb ass that she is putting the lives of many on the road at risk with her reckless decision to text while driving. How stupid can she be?


Merry Christmas From Paris

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Paris Hilton blessed us with this Christmas greeting card, very nice of her but we were expecting something very original with more of a modern look to it. After all, we are in a modern world now. Looks like she was going for that Marilyn Monroe appearance. We like it better when she acts as herself.  Any how, we thank jher for the thought, which is what matters.

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