Urban Celebrity News Platforms Saying Nene Leakes Wouldn’t Last On DWTS Can Eat It…

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..She has lasted. Behind closed doors- Nene Leakes must be saying urban celebrity news platforms who had no hope in her lasting on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) can eat her. Just look on the back of Nene and see the DWTS stamp on her robe as she walks through the halls of focus is all Nene needs to show that she still remains where many say she would be knocked off the block as fast as she got on.

Nene has made it a job to remind everyone frequently that she still remains on DWTS after weeks of entering the celebrity ballroom dancing competition. Wonder what  Wendy Williams  has to say now ?

Nene Leakes Faking The Life Of Being A Rich Bitch ? Nene Is Reportedly Broke

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Looks like reality show star Nene Leakes is not a rich bitch- at least not anymore according to new reports. Nene has been so busy trying to live the same lifestyle as A-list celebrities that it bust a hole in her bank account and drained her of what she worked so hard for. Spotted over at Sandra Rose:

Nene spent over $200K on pricey Rolex watches and diamond jewelry for herself and her on-again, off-again husband, Greg Leakes. She also went on a shopping spree in Atlanta, buying expensive trinkets for herself to wear on the show. (more…)

In Case You Haven’t Seen Nene Leakes Body Lately

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Not that she needed to lose weight, but she has and it’s done- and Nene Leakes looks sexy. I am just happy that Nene didn’t lose a lot of weight coming out in looking like  Victoria Beckham  or  Paris Hilton. I wonder if Greg throws it down in the bedroom as he should. Because, damn! Nene looks good.  What we like about Nene is that she lost a reasonable amount of weight- not a tremendous amount- she clearly recognizes that black men love their women with some meat- listen to her talk about what her goal was in losing weight:  (more…)

Nene Leakes Would Like To Marry Greg But…

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nene and fiance greg

..Money changes everything. Nene Leakes and her husband of 14 years whom she divorced in 2010 and now has a spark of new found love for and is planning to re-marry for the second time reportedly is not happy with Nene’s decision to have him sign a pre-nup.

Say what you want about Nene, but she is no stupid woman and understands the turbulence which comes with a relationship and reportedly would like a pre-nup to protect her fortune. Nene’s fiance, Greg is reportedly not happy about Nene’s pre-nup idea and is holding back from walking down the isle. Here is what is being said according to the National Enquire via Rhymes With Snitch:

NeNe, 45, and Gregg, 58, a real estate developer, were married for nearly 14 years before she filed for divorce in 2010. He fought hard to win her back, and earlier this year they joyously revealed they were engaged to be (more…)