Natalie Portman’s Double Calls It Like It Is Filed In: Hollywood Movie Reviews 29

Oh crap, Natalie Portman’s double,Sarah Lane, is speaking out and taking all of Portman’s thunder for the expectional  role she played as a dancing ballerina in Black Swan. Portman’s double is pissed at the amount of attention and credit Portman has received and is making it known that she did the majority of the work dancing on screen and portman only did teeney bit.

Sara Lane tells us how much was Natalie Portman, here is what she said:

“Of the full body shots, I would say 5 percent are Natalie. All the other shots are me.”

But, but, that is not what the instructor has been saying, the number given was 85%

Lane doesn’t agree with this and had this to say:

“The shots that are just her face with arms, those shots are definitely Natalie,” she says. “But that doesn’t show the actual dancing.”

Lane went on to say that the producer, Ari Handel, informed her not to say a word in saying:

“They wanted to create this idea in people’s minds that Natalie was some kind of prodigy or so gifted in dance and really worked so hard to make herself a ballerina in a year and a half for the movie, basically because of the Oscar,” says Lane. “It is demeaning to the profession and not just to me. I’ve been doing this for 22 years…. Can you become a concert pianist in a year and a half, even if you’re a movie star?”

Having said all this we thought Lane is angry at Portman for claiming the art of ballerina dancing as though it was hers, but doesn’t appear so, here is what Lane had to say:

“I do give her a lot of credit because in a year and a half she lost a lot of weight and she really tried to go method and get into a dancers head and really feel like a ballet dancer. [Natalie] is an amazing actress, for sure,” she says. “I know that it’s not a personal thing against me. I know that it’s just a political thing. It’s just unfortunate that I kind of lost credit.”

Having said all that and

Natalie Portman’s Friends Question Her Fiance Filed In: Celebrities 19

Oh crap! If her good friends are concerned about her fiancé, Natalie needs to start paying attention to what they are seeing before it is too late.

According to In Touch, those closest to Natalie Portman do not trust her fiancé, Benjamin Millepied.

Here is what a friend of Natalie’s said:

“He’s a self-promoter who’s loving the spotlight. Her friends are worried she is in over her head.

I don’t think he ever thought twice about leaving his girlfriend — which isn’t a very good sign of character. He seems like a social climber who was all over Natalie the moment they met.

They’re calling him the ballet version of K-Fed! Unfortunately, he is the father of her baby, and her pals think she wouldn’t be getting married if she wasn’t pregnant, and that it’s all going too fast.

They’re nervous that Natalie will wake up one day and wonder what happened.”

If Natalie is not looking at the warning signs her friends have detected in her fiancé, then she will only have to get wiser in the way many do in relationships and that is being hurt, which prompts many to regain control of their  life.


Would you listen to your friends and investigate your partner?

Natalie Portman Topless For Dior Filed In: Celebrities 13

Oh Ms Portman, you’re looking good.

Natalie Portman, 29, is just appearing all over the place lately since the announcement of her pregnancy and her engagement, this time she appears topless, looking sexy for Miss Dior  Cherie as the new face for their perfume line. Portman has really been showing us her sexy side lately. This is not the first time she has taken off her clothes for us to see some skin. She appeared in the film, Black Swan with Mila Kunis where she was involved in a love scene. Taking a good photo for sometimes does not come out the way intended, but Portman has got this Dior ad down to the core.

What you think of Portman’s ad image?

Natalie Portman On The Cover Of Instyle Filed In: Celebrities 11

Check out Natalie Portman as she poses for the February cover of InStyle. Portman took the time to site down with Instyle magazine to chat about Black Swan, romance and the type of man she looks for.

What she looks for in a partner:

“I look for all the same things I would in a friend. Obviously, you need the sexual attraction too, so it’s like your best friend who you are also really attracted to.”

If she could go unrecognized for a day, what would she do?

“I would make out in the park! [Laughs.] That’s the thing I would most enjoy doing in New York, and it’s something I’ll never do. I’d also have loud, public conversations with my friends about personal things. Even if no one is paying attention—and most of the time, no one cares—you never know who is at the next table.”

Natalie on the concept of “friends with benefits:

“I certainly have friends who could deal with that and others who could not. . . It’s something I’ve seen in high-achieving women—they compartmentalize. You’ve got your work, your friends, your exercise, and your sex. [Grins.] You can tick off those boxes.”

On her recent pregnancy and engagement:

“This is the most private of private experiences. But I am completely awed by the whole process we are living through. I cannot express how lucky I feel.”