Pepsi Set To Boast Michael Jackson On 1 Billion Of Their Cans Filed In: Corporations 8

Why won’t we just allow Michael Jackson to rest in peace. Pepsi is placing Michael Jackson on their cans once again, trying to stay ontop of Coke. Pepsi reached an agreed deal with Michael Jackson’s estate that will see the popular soda printing MJ’s iconic image on their cans as part of their Live for Now  global marketing campaign.  (more…)

Dr. Conrad Murray In Handcuffs: Dr Conrad Murray Found Guilty In Michael Jackson’s Death, Faces 4 Years In Prison Filed In: Featured Post,High Profile Cases 8

dr conrad murray in handcuffs

There is nothing worse like having pretty much everyone against you, and in the trial of The People Vs Dr Conrad Murray, this is what he had, pretty much everyone against him for the  irresponsible death of Michael Jackson. And we do feel some what bad for him but at the same time, there should be punishment for those doctors and all those acting unethical in their profession to provide special, irresponsible requirements to a client. 49 witnesses and nine hours of deliberation in the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty on involuntary manslaughter ending Michael Jackson’s life.


Kenny Ortega Dropped In Wrongful Death Of Michael Jackson Filed In: High Profile Cases 2

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Michael Jackson‘s producer of the “This Is It” tour can breathe a little bit easier today as he has been dropped as a defendant in the wrong ful  death lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson. Katherine Jackson placed a lawsuit against Kenny Ortega, claiming he was part of AEG’s alleged plan to give Michael anything he needed in order for him to perform.Here is what was said by Katherine’s lawyer Kevin Boyle as to why Ortega was dropped as a defendant in the wrongful death of her son:


“Based on recently discovered information, the Jackson family has determined that Mr. Ortega should not be a defendant,” adding, “The Jackson Family apologizes for any discomfort or inconvenience this may have caused Mr. Ortega.”

We can’t imagine how it must feel for a mother to lose her child from the irresponsibilites of others, but we do feel the pain from the lost of an icon who we have loved for years for his personality and his talent through his music and danced moves, but Mrs Jackson needs to to understand that she cannot just go around suing everyone. She needs to be a little bit realistic. Like come on, how could she have thought Ortega is responsible for the MJ’s death?  The focus needs to stay on Dr Conrad Murray.

Testimony By Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard Worries Defense Team Filed In: Celebrities 8

As the preliminary hearing against Dr. Conrad Murray for the murder of Michael Jackson gets underway, terrible and telling details about the day Michael died are coming to light.

Things are not looking good for Dr Conrad Murray during the preliminary hearing in the case against him  for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson.  We have always thought Murray is guilty for MJ’s death, but as details are revealed by people at the scene, it is becoming more evident to us that Mr Murray actions were inappropriate for a doctor in a crisis situation. Even for someone who is not a medial professional, common sense would kick in of when you need emergency help in a given situation.

Yesterday afternoon Alberto Alvarez, one of MJ’s bodyguard testified in recalling what he witnessed on the day MJ died. Alberto stated to the court that he was the first guard to arrive in Jackson’s room and notice the King of Pop was frozen stiff with his eyes and mouth open. Through witnessing all this and Murray being in the room, an ambulance still was not called, instead Murray was more concerned with hiding vials and pills as he instructed Alberto  to put them in a plastic bag. Alberto later said that he was handed an intravenous bag from Dr. Murray, which he was told to put into another sack.

Alberto began to get emotional as the the prosecution asked if 911 had been called was called during all the debacle, Alberto then responded by saying “no.”

If this is not fishy, we don’t know what is. We could not help in how preventable this entire event could have been in the beginning and in the end. Because one, Murray should not have been using a sedative which is only suppose to be used by a cerified professional, with a team of professionals, in a medical setting and is not something used for assisting someone in sleeping  as doctor Murray said was the reason why gave MJ the drug.

“This Is It” Producer Kenny Ortega Star Witness For Prosecution Filed In: Celebrities 4

According to reports, Kenny Ortega will testify that on June 19, 2009, a week before Michael Jackson’s passing, Michael mentioned that he was cold and was shaking, unable to perform the concert rehearsal was cancelled.

Then on June 20,and emergency meeting was held at MJ’s home. In the meeting were Kenny Ortega, some giants from AEG, Michael, and Dr. Conrad Murray. Reports are that the meeting was far from diplomatic, “it was tense, loud and and argumentative.” Kenny read Michael an act demanding that he take better care of himself, because the tour was imminent.

Ortega is said to testify on some of the “terrible things” Dr. Murray said during the session, displaying a lack of concern and respect for Michael. Specifics are not known at this time, but we cannot wait to hear what money hungry Doctor Murray was saying to our Michael.  The things Murray said to Michael are believed to be damaging to Murray.

Ortega is said to testify that on June 23 and 24 Michael wowed his back-up dancers and everyone present with his dance moves and singing, only further proving the case that he was fine.

Many things will surely come out in this trial, but what has been bothering us from the start is Dr Murray’s lack of responsibility for using a drug on a patient he is not entittled to be using or having in his possession.