Megan Fox Displays For Giorgio Armani Filed In: Celebrities 7

And boy is she looking different, the continued amazement of what artwork, air brushes and loads of make-up can do for a person. Megan Fox recently posed for th Giorgio Armani’s 2011 campaign. What ya think?

Megan Fox Physical Appearance Seen As Anorexic Filed In: Celebrities 9

megan fox in bra and underwear armani magazine

Finally! people are calling it out as it is.

Megan Fox’s body is nothing close to sexy, it is all skin and bones and its what we have been saying for the longest time now.  Talks began circulating about Megan suffering from anorexia after she was seen in various ads for Armani, and the image above is one that peaked the curiousity of many, just look closely and you can see her bones. This is what Hollywood has been calling sexy?

Megan’s trainer has come to her defense saying that she is not anorexic and says that her slim structure is due to her fast metabolism. He claims she’s “far from anorexic”. This trainer is really trying to keep his job, because yes, a person with fast metabolism will place them on the slimmer side of the weight scale, but the person should not have a body struture were the ribs can literally be counted on the body. And, we don’t remember Megan being this skinny in her first Transformers film.

Megan’s trainer goes on to speak about his workout regiment with the actress saying that:

 “toning and sculpting,” and making sure “she’s eating enough of the right things.” He continued, “She gets frustrated at times because she’s like, ‘I need to put on weight.’ So she actually weight-trains to keep on that lean muscle tissue.”

Hard to believe she said that she wants to put on weight. Obviously she is doing something and he is doing something that has caused her to be slimer than we remember.

This is NOT sexy at all, only she can be honest with herself in knowing what she has done and is doing to her body for it to look like this. We understand she is naturally a slim female, but she was never this skinny before. Even the director of Transformers mentioned this also.

Megan Fox Talks Transformers 3 Filed In: Celebrities 17

Megan Fox Answers questions about Transformer 3

Wow! Megan Fox sure showed some positivty towards Transformers 3. And, who would have thung that she would feel a little bit of  jealousy in knowing that some other girl will be kissing Shia Labeouf.  Despite all  the rumours as to why she was not asked to return to the transformer sequel and her sour relationship with the director, she  plans to go see transformer 3. We know that Transformer 3 will do just fine without her. Our only fault so far is before the film is even released is that the director could have cast  a better looking girl as Shia Labeouf’s love interest.

Megan Fox Turns Diva On Wedding Night Filed In: Celebrities 4

actress megan fox in white dress

Of all  the time in the world and places, Megan chooses her wedding night to be a bitch. Several sources have said that she was a straight  up diva to work with the night of her wedding.

The following was said by a source:

“She may think she’s a young Angelina Jolie, but I know Angelina Jolie and she’s no Angelina Jolie!” The snitch who says Fox “was a handful,” adds, “Megan’s so bossy. The way she was ordering [Brian] around…I don’t see this one lasting.”

We are not surprise to be hearing these comments about Megan. She does seem like a real bitch. Sometimes you do not need too much information on a person to know their ways, if you listen to her speak in the media, you can clearly tell that this is a girl that is totally into herself believing that she is the best and gorgeous, far from it. She is no where on Angelina Jolie’s level.  And, we also believe that her marriage will not last. We are predicting one year for its existence. Comments?