Rihanna Gives Lil Kim Some Valuable Cam Time

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Rihanna recently took the time to give sinking rapper Lil Kim some shine- and does Kim look in glory as she puckers her lips for the valauble shot. The puckered lips- are there not anyone who is original anymore ?

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Everyone Is Laughing At Lil Kim’s Plastic Surgery Face

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Lil Kim’s face has become the laughing stock of Hollywood, and the laughter ranges from unprofessional to the professionals… its just difficult for many to not look at Kim’s face and not laugh or cringe at the nightmare it is.

Lil Kim is ticked at the blogs and seemingly is saying that every image of her face launched within a post to the Internet are photo-shopped. Yes, Lil Kim has time to vent on Twitter over her face not being presented as it really is in life. In case you forgot, Kim is no longer a relevant music artist and has struggled in reviving her career, so she has time, all the time. Here is Wendy Williams take on Lil Kim’s plastic surgery face below…

And Kim responds with this on Twitter: (more…)

Lil Kim Blaming Us For Her Damaged Face

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lil kim face

Just like the struggling re-boot to her music career, fading rapper Lil Kim is pointing the finger of blame at others, and this time its for her messed up face, which she had the doctors cut up time and time again to get it to the perfection that her heart desires. The problem is, since beginning plastic surgery on her face, Lil Kim has not stopped slicing and dicing her face and has become the laughing-scary stock of the entertainment world. But, don’t tell Lil Kim her face looks as bad as it does, because here is who Kim is blaming for the hideous appearance of her face, she tweeted:

#TeamLilKim Ive put up with lies & bullshit from the blogs for too long. Years & years they have been photoshopping pics of me & sabotaging my image. I’m not putting up with that shit no more. All they have been (more…)

Lil Kim’s Face Is Really Beginning To Scare Us

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lil kim at fashion week

With her music career all washed up, Lil Kim appeared at fashion week in New York displaying her unnatural looking face that has gone under the knife countless times. Poor, poor thing. Lil Kim will never truly be happy with her physical features.

We can’t even tell you when Kim began altering her face, but one thing for sure is that the plastic surgeries have not stopped. Kim is looking more scary and fake than ever before. It’s amazing that any man would find such features attractive, but then again men are known to think with their penis and not their brain when it comes to females. Ladies, be happy with your natural beauty.

Would you ever go under the knife in changing your beauty ?

Khia Blast Lil Kim’s Plastic Surgery Face On Twitter

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Earlier, Juicy Tings reported on the drastic change in Nicki Minaj’s Lil Kim’s  face  and its clear that we are not the only ones that has noticed Lil Kim’s new plastic surgery face that is torn to pieces of disgust. Rapper Khia has jumped on Twitter in saying this:

deadly bird flu hits @LilKim lets all bow are heads and scream FIX YOUR FACE pic.twitter.com/53rrxMw3 (more…)