“ARTPOP” Album Flop Forces Record Label To Ask Lady Gaga To Dress More “Normal”

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s singing career has only survived this long because of her eccentric fashion attire that had everyone intrigued in the beginning, but with her recent  ARTPOP album flopping- Lady Gaga’s record company would be like a change in her to normalcy land. Juicytings.com  has said for a long time- interest in Lady Gaga will decline after people get tired of her wacky dressing that would mean a decline in record sales and concerts. Guess the people over Lady Gaga’s record label missed our post essentially challenging the long range of Lady Gaga’s singer career which is the core success of it relies on her wacky fashion attire.

After ARTPOP flopping- which is said to have nose dived to 80 percent and sinking- sliding from the Top 5 list of songs, Lady Gaga’s record label has reportedly asked her to dress more “normal.” According to a source, here are the feeling about Lady Gaga’s career simmering:

They are frightened that all her fans have left or grown tired of her (more…)

Lady Gaga’s Decline Is Here…Latest Album Flops And Struggling Concert Sales

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It looks like the fall of Lady Gaga is here as Juicytings.com promised you it would arrive. We  told you before that the time of  Lady Gaga’s fall from stardom  is a for sure thing to happen as the public will start to look over her eccentric costumes designed only to deter that the product in music she supplies is trash-preventing them from seeing how they are wasting money in paying for music that is trash. Juicytings.com made sure to not get distracted by Lady Gaga’s ridiculous costume designs, and focused more on the music she provides, which is crap… and it looks like the mass have realized this as Gaga’s latest album has flopped.  Here is what is being said:

On Saturday, it was revealed that Interscope, Lady Gaga’s label, has spent $25 million dollars to promote her flop album “ARTPOP,” which is set to sell around 250 thousand copies in its first week — that’s a 75 percent drop from the first week album sales of “Born This Way” only two years ago. (more…)

Lady Gaga’s Unrecognizable Face And Performance With R Kelly On SNL

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This must of been the most rubbing we have seen two artist engage in on each other onstage. Oh, and when did Lady Gaga start dancing like that, and what the hell was going Saturday night on Saturday Night Live with Lady Gaga’s face- and her performance with sinking R&B singer R Kelly ? Let’s start with Gaga’s face!  Did she go under the knife recently- because I could not recognize who she was as she did her little monologue. I looked, looked, looked and looked some more and asked a friend… is that Lady Gaga ? My friend respond- I don’t know, I think so… we watched and watched some more until we finally found out that it was indeed Lady Gaga on SNL looking very different.

Gaga’s face is different, real different- it’s difficult to tell what particularly she has done to her face, but it looks clear that she has done something. Gaga is changing whether her stans like it or not- Juicytings.com told you all way back that Gaga will have no choice but to change to appearing more like a normal artist- because seriously, how much longer can she keep the act up in dressing like a clown to gain public attention. (more…)

Probably One Of The Coolest Outfits We Have Seen Lady Gaga In

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We have seen Lady Gaga  in many costumes and fashion attire, but this one takes the cake… it’s pretty cool. What Gaga said of her latest costume intrigueness:

We were very excited about this idea of building a flying dress. It was sort of humorous and whimsical, and it seemed like the sort of thing I would like to perform in on stage. But then when we started to really work on her, we realized her potential for the world and everyone.

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