Kesha Seales Deal With Lifestyle Condoms To Throw At Fans Filed In: Celebrities 7

pop star kesha on stage dancing

If you will be attending a series of Ke$ha’s upcoming concerts, don’t be alarmed if condom packages come flying at you. Ke$ha is so serious about safe sex that she has sealed a deal in putting her face on Lifestyles Condoms where she  will  provide 10,000 customized rubbers for her to dash into the audience reportedly beginning tonight. 

We must say that this is a good movement by Ke$ha, because abstinence is not the complete and realistic answer in preventing teens from having sex, the curiosity will always be their and providing a source of protection should that curiosity be engaged, knowing that teen has the appropriate protection is more of a responsible approach and we commend Ke$ha for recognizing that those hot moments make it difficult to avoid sex and what better way but to provide the condoms.

WTF! Fan Allows Ke$ha To Give Her A Tattoo Filed In: Celebrities 6

Would you allow Kesha to do this to you?

One of Kesha’s crazy fan decided to allow the pop star to give her a tattoo and lets remember that Kesha is not someone with qualified experience. In the above video which Kesha posted to her facebook page, you can clearly see her giving this overly excited fan a tattoo with a safety pin. Here is what Kesha had to say to Paper Magazine:

“A friend of mine told me you can [create a tattoo] with pen ink and a safety pin and I was like ‘That’s amazing. I could give tattoos at anywhere in the world at any hotel.’ I saw this hot dude recently and I gave him a tattoo sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I was just like ‘Can I borrow a pen and a sewing kit?’ I think I got an admirer out of that one.”

What the hell, I would never allow that drunken Kesha to do any kind of artistic work on my body. Not saying that she was drunk at the time she was conducting the artwork on her fan, but just don’t trust Kesha’s thinking process.

Kesha Ex-Manager Believes She Will Not Last And Wants 14 Million Due Before Her Time Is Up Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 26

Crazy, the thought by Kesha’s former management is that she is going to be a one hit wonder and so her former manager wants to secure the funds she has right now in the lawsuit being brought against the present popstar.

DAS Communications has pushed forward a 14 million dollard lawsuit against Kesha and is hoping for a ruling A.S.A.P, because they don’t believ Kesha can keep the popstar momentum going and maintain her fortunes, so they want to be able to cashout if the case against Kesha is delayed.

“Ke$ha is a very young and inexperienced artist whose ‘star’ may not continue to rise. Although she has made an incredible amount of money in a very short period of time, in large part due to DAS’ efforts on her behalf, she could just as easily lose money if not properly guided.”

Wow! We have to wonder how much of this is sincerity and how much is dislike for the star singer.  We actually think that Kesha will maintain her stardom and will become even bigger.

Kesha Experienced In Sex From The Age Of Seven Filed In: Celebrities 25

Well there Kesha, you must have a lot of experience on us all then.

Kesha recently revealed that she knew everything about sex before she was seven years old, she says that her mother wanted her to be responsible and act like an adult, so this is how her knowledge of sex came about?  Oh my, a world of shock, we can never believe that we have seen it all and nothing will surprise us, because people like Kesha keep us on our toes.

Here is what she had to say about knowing everything about sex by the age of seven:

“I knew everything about sex before I was even seven. My mom left me at home when I was 14 with a credit card, and a box of condoms and the keys to the car and said, ‘Don’t get pregnant and don’t drink and drive’.

Wow, wow, wow. It’s good and all that her mother is taking preventive measures, but it almost seems like her she was leaving too much window of opportunity for her Kesha to have sex at that young age.

But Kesha knew better we guess, here is what she had to say:

“I had to be responsible for myself.”

And went on to say this about herself:

“I’m not a babysitter. My b**ls are on the table. I’m very upfront with who I am. There is sex. There is alcohol. The kids are gonna figure it out someday.”

Yes, and Kesha is not one from displaying her sexual side for the world to see

Kesha at the moment does not know who her father is saying this:

“I talked to my mum about it. She has a sketchy memory. I don’t really care. I’m going to pretend like my dad is Mick Jagger and proceed.”

Oh someone will come forward. Your rich girl! The long lost parent always come forward in the lives of their rich and famous children.


Pop Singer Ke$ha Making Out With Unknown Man And Covered In Semen Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 12

There has just always been  something about Kesha that seemed dirty to us. You know how you can just look at someone and develop a quick judgment whether good or bad about that person? Well, our thoughts about Kesha has often been that she is up to no good behind the scenes, and she proved us right by allowing the world to see her dirty-ass and why she is not a good influence on her young fans.

Kesha has only proven our thoughts to be right with what appears to be an older man above she is making out with and an image circulating of her with semen all over her chest. So nasty, how slutty can she be? Its one thing to engage in freaky sex acts, but to take pictures or video tape it is another thing. Have people gone seriously this stupid in not realizing the potential of accidental or intentional disclosure to the world by someone who is careless or with their own agenda?

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