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We can’t directly pin-point what internal feelings Keri Hilson is going through, but its difficult to ignore the thought that Beyonce has hit that nerve in Keri that is driving her up the wall. Its long been assumed that Keri is not a fan of Beyonce and why would she be, Beyonce is one of the biggest narcissist we know.

Since Keri Hilson’s refusal to acknowledge Beyonce, the loud whispers are that Keri Hilson has been blacklisted in the music industry by those top hit makers who give artist that chance at  gaining stardom and ranking high on the music charts. Keri Hilson has said that she has no issues with no one, but her uncommon rant(below), leaves us to believe that Miss Keri baby is having some serious issues. Here is what Keri jumped on Twitter to tweet to the world: (more…)

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Yes, you read that correctly, Keri Hilson is not pregnant, but tell that to Mediatakeout who is once again providing information that is not true. The gossip site is saying Keri Hilson is pregnant, and how did they come to this conclusion you wonder, well, according to the Mediatakeout, one of their “EXTREEEEMELY reliable MTO snitch” informed them that Keri Hilson is pregnant. Mediatakeout’s insider claims to have met Keri at a public outing and a conversation took off on a belief, here is what was said:

Well first off, Keri showed up to an Atlanta event yesterday wearing a very BAGGY blouse. Tells the insider, “When I hugged Keri, I immediately felt her belly. And so I asked her ‘Are you?’ . . . and Keri told me to ‘SHHHH’ like it was a secret.” (more…)

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keri hilson
And this actually makes me feel good, because it lets us know that Keri Hilson is serious about love and finding that special person in life, and is not just out to hook up with someone based on their status like that fame-whoring Kardashian family. I’m so sorry, did I say that,  I shouldn’t have placed Keri in the same catergory as the Kardashians, Keri actually has talent and has made an honest living for herself in rising to the top without resorting to the making of sex tapes for a boost. 
For all you ladies in Hollywood jumping from one man to the next like your fronts are for sale, you all can learn a thing or two from Keri Hilson when it comes to self-respect for your body. You don’t find many women like Keri today that is serious about finding true love. Many woman cry and whine about not finding love, but yet look for guys based on their status rather than what lies beneath and someone who is reasonably financially secured.  Now, I am not saying that women cannot find success in a relationship from men who are in notable positions or men who are public figures, but if more interest is waged more on these attributes rather than what lies beneath, the chances of failure in a relationship is greater.

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Hotness for real! 

Keri Hilson appeared on the Today Show and performed “Pretty Girls Rock” off her new album ‘No Boys Allowed.’  She is truly hot and has our eyes stilled with her body movements. Too many thoughts going through our minds. Why you got to do us like that Keri? Her performing song really fits her whole persona, she is truly beautiful and what we love about her is how humble she is. 

We love Keri Hilson because she is beautiful!