In Case You Care: Kim and Kayne Inside Vogue Magazine With Baby North Filed In: Celebs On Mags 24


Kim Kardashian  maybe ecstatic of finally landing on the cover of Vogue after Kayne West paid for her way on the magazine to make a point in trying to persuade the world that he is always right Vogue  editor  Anna Wintour  had a change of heart. Celebrities are pissed and the public are ticked that Vogue would stoop so low in putting trash on their magazine cover.


Thoughts ?

Desperate Times At Vogue Calls For Kim Kardashian On Cover; Vogue Editor Caves Filed In: Celebs On Mags 22


Whatever, Anna Wintour’s price is for her to lose her integrity and look the other way while a hideous, low grade moment of Vogue’s cover is created with Kim Kardashian plastered all over it must have been met by Kayne. In the past, Wintour would have rather slice her wrist as Vogue’s editor rather than have Kim Kardashian on the cover, but all of the sudden she placed all her defenses on the table and allow a mess of Vogue to done.

No, you’re not dreaming…hell did not freeze over- that is really Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. Despite Vogue editor Anna Wintour saying Kim Kardashian will never be on a cover of Vogue, the long-existing Vogue editor appears to have done what many unprofessional people in the working environment do- allow personal relationships to alter her professionalism. Talks are that Kayne has been begging Wintour for months to place Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue, and given her close ties with Kayne- many are questioning Kim’s position Vogue’s cover. (more…)

No Jail Time For Kayne West In Paparazzi Fighting Case; Anger Management Classes Ordered Filed In: Celebrities,High Profile Cases 18


The wedding date for Kayne West and his socialite wife  Kim Kardashian  is still on track after it was decided that no prison time would be given to the rapper for  assaulting a paparazzi. The agreement- Kayne will have to do some anger management classes to keep his record clean and will be on probation. In regards to the attack,  TMZ  says :

West pled no contest to misdemeanor battery — the City Attorney did not make him plead guilty, so there’s no admission of guilt.In return for the no contest plea, the attempted grand theft charge has been dismissed.

And what Kayne must do to avoid time behind bars: (more…)

Remix Out On Drunk In Love Featuring Kayne And The TMI’S is Crazy And Embarassing For Kim Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 16

KimKardashian has just been kicked down to the bottom of the barrel once again and it’s by her fiance, Kayne West. Kayne jumped on the remix track for that Drunk In Love, and the information he released about putting his thing in Kim’s mouth and this being one of the reason in why he views her as his wife is just disgusting.

In no way can this be anything a woman should be proud of in why her man wants to be with her. Even more- having your bedroom secrets out there for the world…just sickening. Kim who has no respect for herself so we expect she will approve of Kayne’s vulgar behavior on the Drunk In Love remix track.  I would say Kim needs to kick Kayne to the curb- but that would be wrong for me to say…the both of them need each other. They both have no self-respect, their ignorance is consistent and always present, and fame and money is more important to them than the greater thing in life…health and respect.

Kayne West’s Short-Live Peace; Loses It Onstage Filed In: Troubled Celebs 15

Well, that didn’t last long…before the year began, Kayne said he was goingto remain at base- meaning that he was not going to act like a crazy, disrespectful person anymore….but that didn’t last. Kayne West went on a tear onstage at one of his recent concerts dissing radio show talents  Charlamagne tha god  and  Sway- essentially saying they shouldn’t talk on him because he is more successful than them.

Kayne dissing radio dj’s is one of the worse things he can do- they have all day to bash him. It’s the kind of stuff that drives them and gains them audiences, controversies, drama and slamming people like Kayne. Watch Kayne say stop that shit as he loses it at the 00:12 mark. What a wacko this man is! Can’t see the video ? Go  HERE