The Kate Middleton Doll Is Here! Filed In: Royal Family 11

princess kate middleton doll

 Yes, can you believe it, a Kate Middleton doll.

What the hell someone need this, obviously it is not for kids at a going price for $195, yes $195, this is crazy although we know that some crazy parents will spend that money on a doll dor their children, most will not.  We only wonder what the cutting price is from the sales to Kate. She must be getting something from the sales, if not, we don’t see why.

The Royal mint has released about 5,000 of the dolls worldwide and although we would not buy one of these dolls, we predict that they will be flying off the shelves as fast as they arrive.  And if you are a fanatic of the Royal Family and miss the opportunity to buy the doll above, don’t fret, its said that a new batch of dolls will be created displaying Kate on her wedding day.

Kate Middleton Dominates Weekly Celebrity Magazines Filed In: Celebrities 24

With the announcement a week ago of her enagagement to Prince William, the media including us cannot stop talking about Kate. She just seems like that girl next door that is so reachable, with her captivating personality and smile. A week that should have belong to Eva Longoria for the celebrity magazines continues to be dominated by the beautiful Kate.

No Expense Spared For Kate Middleton’s Protection: Security Detail Given Filed In: Celebrities 20

Kate Middleton, the future princess, is already seeing how precious she is. Sources are reporting that after the released news of her Kate being engaged to Prince William, she was given some security detail by the monarchy. Its said that she will be accompanied with a security detail that will blend into society around her not to be obviously seen at all times, and that it will be two females responsible for guarding her life on “24/7″ basis with shift changes of course. Why details like this has been revealed, we don’t know. You would think the world would be the last to know of how her security detail operates, it just defeats the whole purpose of protecting her.

A source gives us an insight into how the decision was made for Kates security and the expense:

“Kate has gone from being a ordinary citizen to one of the most high profile people in the world. There are a lot of very bad people in this world and unfortunately Kate is now at the top of their list. No expensive will be spared to keep her safe.”

The cost to protect valuable Kate is going to run the Royal Family 300,000 a year

Prince William Announces Engagement To Kate Middleton Filed In: Celebrities 17

Prince William just got that much older by taking a big leap into adulthood with his enagagement to long-time girlfriend of nine years Kate Middleton, who we think is so gorgeous. He stated that he poped the question while they were in Keyna, proposing with his late mother Princess Diana’s wedding ring given to her by Prince Charles.

William clearly has an eye for beauty. Middleton has such a captivating smile with those cute dimples as she smiles, nice teeth, and of course a gorgeous face with a glowing tone, not to mention her simple but yet beautiful hair-do.

 Prince Charles along with the Royal Family are said to be ecstatic, his father more so was overly excited to hear the news and made a little joke about it. He informed sources that “They’ve been practicing for long enough.”

 And practice and patience they should, because marriage no doubt is a big step for anyone to take and should be taken with a well thought out plan in regards to happiness.

Of course you know Prince Harry had to give some sort of comment or be asked for one. Here is what he had to say:

“I am delighted my brother has popped the question! It means I get a sister, which I have always wanted.”

Not just any sister Harry, a gorgeous sister-in-law, hands off Harry.

 This big news of Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement that has taken over the airways and news stations over the pass day is sure to be keep the Buckingham Palace crazy busy with wedding plans for the coming months. And we expect that once  Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding date is set, there will be an overwhelming amount of people watching the circus function. It’s said that almost a billion people viewed Princess Diana wedding to Prince Charles, so just imagine the amount of people that will watch this young prince’s wedding.

A spokesperson for BBC is already on top of things in giving their opinion for the upcoming event, here is what was said: 

“Today’s news will be greeted with huge interest and excitement and we very much hope we will be able to broadcast the service to the U.K. and the world. If that is the case, there is no doubt the wedding will be enjoyed by one of the biggest audiences in history.”


We don’t know about this, we think that given Middleton love for privacy and not liking the cameras and spotlight too much, we think that the Royal Family will respect her wishes in giving her and William the privacy of their wedding from the world, and we think Middleton will ask for this privacy.