Would You Allow Your Boyfriend To Do This To Your Car ?

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chris brown spray paints girlfriend's car

Chris Brown and his on again and off again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran appear to be back together.  Karrueche sits on her car with a playful sad mouth after Chris spray painted his artistic abilities all over her car. And Karrueche’s response to Chris spray painting her car ? Here is what she jumped on the social tube saying:

“This what the f**k I come home to lmao this ni**a man.”

Now, I highly doubt Chris executed his graffiti skills all over Karrueche’s car without any heads up to her. Chris Brown, I am not into just scaring children in my neighborhood with my scary looking graffiti. Would you allow your man to do to your car like Chris did to his girlfriend’s car ?

Chris Brown’s Reported Running Side Piece Karrueche Tran Speaks

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Just a question, what does Karrueche do for a living… I mean, all we here is about her and Chris Brown, Chris Brown and her. Karrueche sure is a confusing woman- one minute she says her and Chris are no longer together and in her recent interview above, when asked what the status is of her relationship with Chris- she says she can’t say.

Something is really wrong with this girl woman. Is it not bad to see a person feeding off the name of another person to stay relevant, and yet still struggle in making a name for her or his self ? Its time for Karrueche to create a back-up plan, its clear that a career in the entertainment world is not working out for her. Listen above to the interview above where the host of STREETZ 94.5 go over-board in calling Karrueche sexy. She is good looking, but I don’t know about sexy.

Chris Brown Gets Rid Of Karrueche Tattoo For Rihanna ?

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chris brown

Looks like Chris Brown is making it known of how “committed he is to Rihanna,” because he is slowly erasing memories of  Karrueche. Yep, Chris Brown removed a tattoo of Karrueche, reportedly. If this works out to be true, Chris is showing that he is serious about reviving his music career at the level it once was at by following Rihanna’s orders in staying away from Karrueche and erasing all thoughts of her from his body and mind it would display the dedication and focus Chris has in reviving a serious relationship with Rihanna in a positive direction.

When Chris and Rihanna were spotted at an NBA game on Christmas day sitting court side together, many were convinced the two are indeed back together and that Chris and Rihanna making their first public appearance was a sign of them coming out to the public. Chris getting Karrueche’s tattoo erased from his body would be a dagger for the struggling model, fashion designer and socialite.

If you have been following the actions of Rihanna and Karrueche, you would have noticed the obvious signs of them show-boating on the other in their advantage love and more spent time with Chris over the other. With Chris removing a tattoo of Karrueche’s face from his arm, it cannot be denied that this is a strike for him to prove his love to Rihanna and a strike to Karrueche’s heart.

Karrueche Continues Her Mind Games With Rihanna

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Its a case of two of the most insecure women we have ever seen. Rihanna loves Chris Brown, Karrueche(ex-girlfriend) loves Chris brown, and they are both fighting for his love and work hard in coming up with clever executions in displaying to the other who is on-top.

Rihanna and Chris Brown had a Christmas date watching the Knicks vs Lakers game(Lakers won by the way), and it seems like Karrueche is saying above, you might have got the date, but I have his shirt. The same day Chris and Rihanna attended the NBA game on Christmas, Karrueche uploaded the above photo on Twitter. If you are ever tired of that adult life and would like to play in the sand, Rihanna and Karrueche are willing participants.

The Reason Karrueche Clothing Line Got Side-Lined, And Why Rihanna And Chris Are No Longer Together ?

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This ting is hot, so you better get yourself a couple glass of water. Cause you will need it. As you all you know, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Karrueche have been reported to be in a triangle of strange love with Chris bouncing between both women, allegedly, and reportedly confused about who he would like to be with. In the end, its being reported that Chris’ decision was to not select any of these women, and is rather looking to start fresh with a new chic and to focus on his career in a positive light. Below is some interesting juice, as spotted over at Rhymes with Snitch, which was submitted by an anonymous person giving the reasons as to why Chris Brown is no longer with Rihanna, what happened, and why he decided not to get back with Karrueche. Check it all out below:

Rihanna and Chris Brown did get back together but it wasn’t official. They wanted to put music collaborations, pictures, tweets out to the public little by little to ease the public’s transition of acceptance. Also, they were using that time to still feel things out themselves to see if a relationship could truly work. Things were going good for them. Chris stopped by to see Rihanna in New York and she joined him on tour the week after Thanksgiving. They spent time and Chris even showered her with gifts.

They were allowing the public to see them in clubs together and even put out affectionate photos. Things were truly going well until Rihanna had to leave Chris and get back to her grind. (more…)