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Jessica Simpson who is once again pregnant in less than a year of having her first child displays that sexiness for us. Jessica announced that she is having a boy, and how nice that is. She will soon have the experience of both worlds. Jessica currently has a baby girl.

Watch Jessica Simson’s sit down interview with Jimmy Kimmel over at ICYDK

Reasons Why Kayne West Got Kim Kardashian Pregnant Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 6

kim kardashian and kayne west first pregnant public appearance

Kayne has every right to be worried in thinking about the mess he has created for himself. Just a week ago Kayne blast the world with a bulletin that knocked Jessica Simpson from the pregnant mantle as he announced that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. After Kayne announced Kim’s pregnancy, we wondered… why the heck would Kayne make such a move in connecting himself with an attention-seeking woman as Kim Kardashian that cares about no one at the end of the day but herself. So, here is our reason as to why we think Kayne may have got Kim Kardashian pregnant and why now she chose to get pregnant:

1. Kim wanted to show-up Reggie Bush

2. Kayne Wanted to show up Amber Rose

3. Kim pressured Kayne by way of manipulation-making him believe that this good for him.

4. The Kardashian empire is dying, and to keep the light shining on them would mean for Kim to make a sacrifice(pregnancy)

5. Kim knows that by getting pregnant with Kayne is a life of financial stream(we all know that reality show dollars will not last too much longer)

Jessica Simpson Would Like You To know… Filed In: Celebrities 31


…she is very much pregnant and is in search of that next deal challenging her to lose that baby fat after she gives birth to her second child.

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Confirmed: Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Second Child Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 25


Above, Jessica Simpson showed her joy of being pregnant with her second child by writing the words BIG SIS in the sand below her  daughter

Yes, Jessica Simpson is officially pregnant again. Not really a surprise to many of us. Its long been reported that Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her second child, and today she confirmed it to us on Twitter. This will be Jessica’s second child with former NFL player Eric Johnson.

Jessica Simpson Baby Two Coming: Yes, Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Second Child Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies,Featured Post 28


Yes, Jessica Simpson baby giving is not over as yet.

Surprisingly, after all that weight loss and just giving birth to her first child, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. Now, Jessica has not announced she is pregnant for the second time, but according to sources, Jessica Simpson preparing to have baby number two is a for sure thing.

It seemed like just yesterday Jessica Simpson gave birth to her first child, but it was seven months ago that Jessica popped that first baby to the world and is gearing up again for that blow up.

Are you surprise that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again so soon.