Jennifer Lopez Almost Ready To Show Casper Smart The Door: Lopez Calls Off Divorce From Marc Anthony Filed In: Romance 19


Reports are that Jennifer Lopez is growing up prepared to call off her divorce to Marc Anthony and is ready to kick Casper to the curb. JLo hooked up with Casper less than four months after she and Marc Anthony announced a pending divorce and now it appears JLo is have a change of heart.

Here is what a source told the National Enquirer:

“Jennifer is having huge misgivings about di­vorcing Marc, especially since it could become final as early as mid-October. She’s realized that while Casper has been lots of fun to date, he’s way too young and definitely not marriage material. (more…)

Diva Demans: Jennifer Lopez Requires Own Fitted Toilet Seat Filed In: Celebrities 2

jennifer lopez

Yeah, according to reports man-hopper Jennifer Lopez is a diva even in the washroom, its said that she requires her own, special fitted toilet seat- all to prevent germs.

Here is what a source close to the man-hopping diva had to say about the matter:

“Jennifer is a clean-freak and doesn’t like putting her bum on any toilet unless it’s on her own custom-made seat. It’s a cover made to fit any loo.” (more…)

Jennifer Lopez Dating A Gay Man ? Filed In: Romance 25


Yeah, the talk now circulating of Jennifer Lopez’s boy toy Casper Smart is that he is gay and using JLo. If  Casper is really gay and using JLo,  who cares, its what she reportedly does to all the men she gets with anyways and if Casper is smart, he would reap all the benefits from JLo before she closes for business on his ass. Anyone that knows JLo’s movement knows that she moves from men-to-men like she changes her panties. According to Radar Online, one of Casper’s dancing buddies has come forward in saying that Casper is straight up gay and is using JLO for fame.

Joshua Lee Ayers, a dancer in Hollywood jumped on Twitter in saying this about Casper: (more…)

Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Reunited? Filed In: Celebrity Break-ups 12

Jennifer Lopez was spotted in the back of a  Mustang convertible with Marc Anthony and this makes me wonder if all his rumored begging for her to come back to him has worked.

No details were given as to why these two were together after announcing their separation a month ago and pending divorce, but I can only assume that some forgiveness and reconciliation maybe in the works. Sad when you think about it. I never get why women keep going back to men who are clearly bad for them.

Jennifer Lopez Loses Battle With Ex Husband; Her Hamburger Will Be On Display To World Filed In: Romance 29

Stupid, we have said many times before but no one is listening, stop making sex videos with your partner.

Jennifer Lopez has been fighting her ex-husband, Ojani Noa in court from releasing intimate home videos of her to the public. However,  Noa has won to the battle of approval in releasing Lopez’s Vagina to the world.  How embarrassing is this for Marc Anthony, but he should’nt be all that surprised. Lets face it, Jlo has been with many men and they all were dogs looking to benefit from her in some way, so hearing something like this come to light is not surprising. This is what happens ladies when you make sex tapes and especially with deceiving men.

The judge has reportedly given Ojani Noa the go ahead to release all the snooky deets of him and JLO in bed on video to the world if he wants. How is this possible you say, well, just because he is less powerful financially, this doesn’t mean the man is a complete idiot, Noa found a hole in the previous settlement with JLo to win his case in the end in releasing the intimate actions of the both of them to the public by selling the footage to his current girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez. 

We can’t help but wonder though, what kind of woman is Noa’s girlfriend to want to get involved in something like this.  The judge stated that the agreement that Noa signed could not block the sex-tape release. Now Noa’s girlfriend is already shopping the videos, looking to snatch up a wicked deal.  We are about to see JLO real soon in some questionable acts I am assuming.