Heidi Montag Speaks To Life & Style About Body Scaring That Has Destroyed Her Life

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Heidi Montag is coming forward now looking for our sympathy from the scaring she incurred from her 10 plastic surgeries, which is now saying destroyed her life.  She is not getting no sympathy from us, how stupid can she be?  To have any type of plastic surgery at her age is just completely ridiculous, she doesn’t even look slight the bit attractive, looking so much like a plastic doll, not to mention her anorexic body.  A year after knifing her body, Heidi now wants us to see never before seen images of  her operation-room and  battle wounds located in Life & Style. Smart move Heidi, smart move, we see what you’re doing, nice way to make it back in headlines and stay there for a bit, keeping the heat on you.

Not surprisingly, the route to perfection did not go as smoothly as Heidi had hoped for, here is what she had to say:

“Parts of my body definitely look worse than they did presurgery,” she told Life & Style exclusively at a photo shoot on Dec. 2. “This is not what I signed up for.”


Wake up Heidi, wake up, we are almost certainly sure that you signed some agreement stating that there may be some complications and under complications that may mean scarring and other things. The other thing is, how can doctors be responsible on how an incision heals itself, whether that be it is noticeable after healing or not noticeable.

Heidi continues in trying to make us feel sorry for her by stating all her scaring from her many plastic surgeries and the scarring rant goes:

2-inch-long raised blemish under her chin from chin reduction

 Two bald spots along her hairline from a brow lift

Jagged line behind her ears from having her ears pinned back

Lumpy legs and four spots left on her lower back

Four spots left on her buttocks from botched Liposuction

Bright-red mark inside her right nostril

Uneven boobs

Stretched mark on chest and deep scars around nipples from second breast surgery

Ok, ok, so this is a lot of mistake to occur in surgery, so we just all of the sudden switched over to the soft side and feel a tad bit sorry for her, because most guys would be turned off by this shit and she worsen her body than what it was originally. Again we don’t understand why a female at Heidi’s age is doing all these surgeries. She is not happy with her appearance is that it? Come on, clearly she did not have that appropriate parent guidance and that loser of a boyfriend husband she has that has been supportive of the entire thing could not have helped.

Heidi goes on giving us details on her scars some more saying this:

“The big dark mark from my chin reduction is probably the most noticeable. But the absolute worst is on my breasts, and the scariest is below my butt cheek,” Heidi tells Life & Style. “People have fewer scars from car accidents than I have on my body.”

And she continues:

“I would love to not be ‘plastic girl’ or whatever they call me. Surgery ruined my career and my personal life and just brought a lot of negativity into my world. I wish I could jump into a time machine and take it all back. Instead, I’m always going to feel like Edward Scissorhands.”

Oh, she just hit a soft spot. Truly we don’t like seeing bad happen to anyone but not having proper guidance can make you do stupid things. One thing that should be learned from Heidi’s situation is that to be happy with the way that you are. Altering your body to impress the likes of others could be the saddest days of your life. Your unique and have been giving that physical features for a reason, embrace it, secure it and ignore the inappropriate faces.

Dr Ryan Seeked Fame In Having Heidi Montag As His Client

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Heidi Montag may just have a case after all on Dr. Frank Ryan in that he did not properly consult her in making her know that additional and the ten surgeries she wanted in on day was excessive. Radaronline recently obtained some revealing information in e-mail interaction between Heidi and Dr. Ryan from April 15, 2010 to August 8, 2010  in where it is clearly seen that the doctor was trying to gain celebrity status. Heidi has said that Dr Ryan did not properly inform her about the 10 plastic surgery procedures she underwent in 2009, which then caused one of Dr Ryan’s closet  friend to defend the deceased doctor but little did this close friend know that Dr Ryan was doing some unethical things.

In the e-mail interaction between Heidi and Dr Ryan that was obtained by Radaronline, Dr Ryan asked and wanted Heidi to attend his birthday party where he wanted her to sing him happy birthday, saying that : “I need the modern- day marilyn monroe to sing happy birthday like she did to JFK!” It did not even stop there; Dr Ryan went on in asking Heidi to follow him on twitter to boost his brand and then later went on in asking her this:

“Do you actually plan to stay at casa ryan? If so, let me know what you want in the fridge and I will have my workers stock it for you

 “Can you wear the dr frank ryan eco-spa wear along with a dr frank ryan T that day? They are perfect for lounging or yoga or working out etc. I will bring some with me so you can change into them, if you donr mind.”

Heidi definately has a case and point in this one, we even see her winning a lawsuit if she wanted to take this to court. Dr Ryan clearly was more focused on his brand gaining popularity then the well-being of his celebrity client, and to gain popularity of his brand, he had to have made Heidi feel as though she needed more surgeries-allowing him to interact with her more frequently in getting his name out there. This was and is not cool for any doctor to be doing.

What you think, was this doctor overboard or should Heidi have known for herself when to stop?

Heidi Montag Regrets 10 surgical procedures In One Day

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10 surgical procedures later, Heidi Montag is now admitting that if she could go back in time, she would have never done it.

Here is what she said:

“It’s not who I am. It’s something I did. It was a choice that I made, and I wanted other women and people to know, ‘Yeah, I have insecurities and so does everyone, and this is what I did, and I don’t want to lie about it, and I don’t want to cover it up. I don’t like lying. It’s just not who I am. In retrospect, I do wish I never would have said anything.

I wouldn’t do it again … If I could go back, I wouldn’t have had them. It was a lot harder, then I was led on by my doctor. I didn’t know how excessive it really was.

No, it just that the whole world was telling you Heidi that’s all. You didn’t  how excessive it was?, please, you are not fooling anyone. If you are listening to this dummy, learn from her stupid actions. Leave your body the way it is, natuarality often is what is seeked inside and out.

Heidi Montag Blames Dr Ryan For Her Many Plastic Surgeries

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Heidi Montag is having some regrets about her plastic surgery and needs someone to blame, so what better way to do this, just blame the doctor that passed away for conducting the procedures and that’s just what the spotlight hungry reality show star did. Heidi Montag trashes her now deceased doctor in saying that she would not have had so many plastic surgeries if Dr Frank Ryan told her it was excessive. Having the majority of people in Hollywood tell her that the she is doing too much plastic surgery was not enough, she needed her doctor to tell her this. What stupid ass, she needs to take responsibility and stop blaming others for her stupidity.

Dr Ryan’s friend of 15 years, Dawn DaLuise is having none of Heidi’s crap, saying that she is saying all of this to make some money in re-establishing her financial situation gain publicity.Dawn DaLuise went on to tell RadarOnline.com that “Heidi is desecrating Dr Ryan’s memory,” and that Heidi was obessed with Dr Ryan, forcing herself onto him repeatedly that forced him to block her advances.

Dawn DaLuise continued in saying this:

 “Heidi Montag is taking advantage of Dr. Ryan’s death,” DaLuise, Ryan’s friend of 15 years, exclusively told RadarOnline.com

 “Her PR people and agents were weighing the options of her either attending the memorial service for him on Monday or going on TV and talking about him and I guess she decided to trash him instead of remember him,” Dawn told RadarOnline.com.

“Heidi is just trying to stay famous,” she said of the reality star who recently admitted she and her husband Spencer Pratt, are broke

Wow! So, so sad, this is no for Heidi to re-gain popularity and re-establish her financial situation.

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Spencer Pratt Explains How He Blew Millions Leaving Himself And Heidi Broke

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Listen up and take notes, Spencer Pratt wants you know about his terrible financial situation that has caused him and his wifey, Heidi Montag, scrum around with what they can get job wise and financial wise from family members. Spencer Pratt’s father has step up to the plate to assist his sorry ass and this is said to be the reason why he and Heidi came close to divorcing.

 Spencer explains his pathetic self:

“We felt the fleetingness of 15 minutes of fame so we were trying to buy, like, … Let’s buy fame. Like if we could eat at this restaurant all the time, maybe we’ll get seen with Mel Gibson or these bigger stars. So you know, we knew our positions, so we were having basically to buy into a tax bracket we didn’t belong into. I know it’s the dumbest thing ever spending money on things. But it’s like, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have got this [web write-up], or we wouldn’t have got this picture in the magazine, and then we wouldn’t be famous at all, and that’s the only thing we had going for us at the time. I would say we were spending more than $100,000 [each month] on clothes for sure. And we would only wear them once. For me to think I was going to be famous and continue at that level of income on a steady basis, was … naive, egotistical, and just foolish. I can’t have a long-range plan because I’m so hated I don’t see anywhere I could go. I’m not afraid, I know it’s a reality if we didn’t have my dad letting us live in his guesthouse, Heidi and I would have no place to live so we would be homeless and we couldn’t afford [to live] anywhere. As much as I love her, I was like, ‘You need to divorce me to save any chance of a career, a business for yourself.’ It’s not fair for this sweet, innocent Heidi Montag to be part of Speidi. So really I was trying to divorce Speidi … ’cause you know I know I have no future career on camera, on TV, but Heidi, still to this day, I think could be the biggest actress, TV star, movie star, singer — she was born for it. I became this hated to buy things that I don’t even have anymore. So I have nothing to show for it. Thank everything that Heidi has stayed with me through all of this because I wake up and say, ‘At least I have Heidi. [That's] the greatest thing out of all of this.’”

After listening to Spencer’s explanation of how things got bad, we could not help but feel a bit remorseful for he and Heidi but cannot help but wonder why things had to get so bad for him them to recognize their mistakes. They had millions of dollars in the bank and could have corrected their bad habits before their large networth at the time ran out.