Eva Longoria Emotional On “Piers Morgan” Over Ex-Husband’s Infidelity

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Eva Longoria appeared on Piers Morgan last night looking beautiful and as I heard her speak, I could understand why she is the hot thang that she is, her personality is so captivating and she seems so genuine. During her interview on Piers Morgan, Pier touched on the subject on her divorce from NBA player Tony Parker, which caused Eva to get emotional and for a bit choked up for words. Even though it was not neccesary to apologize for her emotional moment, Eva did and explained that it’s her first time speaking on the issue publicly. During her interview, Eva admitted to feeling humiliated by the public exposure of the break-up but stop short of the cheating claims which terminated their marriage.

Here is what she said about forgiving her ex-husband:

“But reaching this stage of forgiveness has taken some getting used to. I had such an identity in being Mrs Parker and when that’s taken away from you it’s hard.”

Eva Longoria, now 36 had this to say as the subject marriage and companionship was brought up:

‘So many people want me to hate him and destroy him, but I don’t want to. I want him to be happy. He’s not a bad person. I do believe in forgiving and forgetting. There was a reason we were together. I just want to hold on to the good times.’

Seven years of marriage and only to find out that her then husband Tony Parker was not being loyal, this I can relate to a I experience the same thing, I was with a female for 7 years also, only to find her cheating on me with another guy, an extreamly hurtful act and clearly a form of deceiving a partner.  I can only be fortunate that I was never married to this female as my heart just kept telling me not to do it as much as I had suspicions solely based on intuition but no proof.  And surely enough,  my intuition was correct, and that relationship ended.

Imagine if I had been married to her or had kids with her, things would have been very messy. Back to Eva, what happened to her was horrible, but I guess she can be fortunate that she never had kids with Parker and has another shot at finding that loyal man who wants the same thing as her in a relationship.

Eva Longoria Wants You To Know That Her Tony Tattoos Will Stay

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Twitter, twitter, twitter, if it was not for you, we would not know nothing.

The swirling rumour mill going around was that Eva would be removing her tattoo on her risk which reportedly displays their wedding date in roman numerals. This makes sense seeing that the relationship is over and as the result of the worse thing one partner could do to the other.

Oh, but noooo, Eva is squashing all this talk about her removing any tattoo. Here is what she had to say:

“Just so everyone knows i still have all my tattoos! Nothing is being removed, although i am always up for more tattoos!”

Whaaaat!!!!  What is her deal for real? What woman or person for that matter gets cheated on, breaks up with the person (right thing to do) and keeps images or remembrance of that person on their body? This is just crazy and would be an awkward thing for any guy that gets her in sack.

Eva Longoria Takes Sexy Shots To Save Restaurant?

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Omg! Is this what it has come to? Eva Longoria is doing a bit of sexy photo shoots inside her restaurant to save her investment. The restaurant, Las Vegas restaurant Beso that has filed for bankruptcy on January 6th with 5.7 million in debt, Eva is said to be the reason why the business is still running, providing a $1 million loan and $358,000 in legal fees paid. Is this all worth it thought? Yes, you go in business to win, but sometimes it is best to just cut your loses and move on.  The headache is not always worth it.

Longoria even made a desperate move in shining some publicity on the restaurant by shouting out inner laying of eatery. Sad.

Here is what she said:

“Yesterday at Beso Vegas! It is gorgeous in there!” she tweeted on Sunday.

Just  get rid of it and move on already.

Eva Reportedly Said To Be Not Acting Like Herself: Looking Sad At Celebrity Event

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We have to also remember that she is an actress and could be faking her sadness. Because what type of woman or person for that matter meets their ex for lunch after seperating  from he/she due to infidelity. There is talk that Eva and Tony were meeting to discuss their divorce settlement, but come on, we are not buying it. There are so many ways to get things done without having to meeting for lunch.

Eva sees the positive side of what her break-up from Tony Parker can do for her career and that is why she meets him in public and then is acting all sad and shit at events she attends. She said before that she would like some privacy during the matter between her and Tony and now she is all out in public meeting with the guy. Come on! Her sadness must be more on how she is  going to see a free NBA game again. A person who is a million, claims to want privacy and is heart broken would take some time away from the spotlight for themselves.

 With millions in the bank and more than enough time to relax at home and reflect on the situation between her and Tony and what went wrong, Eva picks her ass up and goes to the Chateau Marmont on Saturday night where many people noticed that she was not acting like herself.

During her attendance at Chateau Marmont, here is a source’s observation:

“She had a grin on her face, but every so often she would stare off into space and looked very sad and somber. She wasn’t her feisty little self. If I could describe her energy in one word, I would say ‘defeated.’ Eva was smiling and even laughing at times, but it was so apparent that underneath it all she was sad and hurt. It was very obvious.”

We donr’t believe that this woman is devastated for one minute. Eva must have known that her marriage with Tony was not going to work, their marriage was reportedly long-distance and that is the worse way to begin a marriage, especially with an NBA player.

Any how, she will get her millions from the divorce settlement and will be smiling widely in public again.

Eva Longoria Christmas Cover For DIRECTV’S ACCESS

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With her ongoing divorce battle from Tony Parker since his infidelity, Eva Longoria is finding time for other things. Divorcing from asshole Tony Tony appears to be the best thing that Eva could have done for herself.

The sympathy and the men are coming in by the loads, not to mention how much more now than before the spotlight  attention she is getting.

Men are openingly putting her on notice that they want to  take her to bed take her out, she is suddenly busy with creating several projects and is on the cover on just about every weekly magazines you could think of. Check her out on the  latest  magazine cover of DIRECTV’S ACCESS.  For the months edition that is only available to subscribers, Eva Longoria goes on to talk about her favourite family Christmas traditions.

Here is what she had to say:

“Every holiday we’ll get together — my aunts and sisters, all the women in the family — and we’ll do an assembly line of tamales,” Longoria said (via OK! Magazine). “It’s one of my favorite times of year.”

Nice, always nice to spend time with the family on holidays to catch up on lost times. However,  we are guessing that Eva has spent many Christmas Tony and it will not be an easy process for during the holidays  as she reflects on those times.