In Your Weekly Rihanna News: Pop Singer Living With Drake, Reportedly Filed In: Romance 14


And, in today’s daily Rihanna news, talks are that the emotionally unbalance pop singer is now living with Canadian rapper Drake somewhere in Los Angeles. Rihanna living with Drake just makes us laugh…one because any idiot from a mile away can see that Rihanna has no serious feelings for Drake. (more…)

Jimmy Kimmel Have Drake Go Undercover Asking People What They Think ABout Drake Filed In: Humour,T.V. Shows 11


Drake goes undercover asking people “what they think about Drake?” This is why we love Drake…he appreciates his life, fans and knows how to take a joke. Unlike some celebrities and rappers out there…Drake is willing to listen to the critics, and get out there mixing it up with the every day person. One of the hilarious part of the interview comes at the 4:20 mark when the guy was asked by an undercover Drake:

I’m Drake, so what would I say to myself

The guy responds not getting it that he is speaking to Drake, and says :

What would you say to yourself

Drake responds:


The guy says again:

What would you say to yourself

An undercover Drake again says:

What would I say to myself cause I am Drake, so I would say…what would I say to myself

The guy then responds to what he would say

I’m an idiot

It’s funny because here is a man that tells an undercover Drake that he thinks Drake is an idiot, but then could not get the many hints by an undercover Drake that he is actually speaking to Drake. So many direct hints and the man still could not get it. Now who is the idiot.


Drake Wants To Clear Up One Thing But It Has Nothing To Do With Rihanna Filed In: Professional Sports 11

I have never met Drake, but he seems like such a nice guy, but I don’t understand why he walks around with those  thug security guards  who appear inexperience seemingly with no skills in defusing a situation but rather making it worse. Muscles mean nothing- it’s the appropriate functionality of the brain which keeps the client safe. Next, the crowd he hangs with…just not getting it. He seems like too much of a nice guy to be rolling around with seemingly ignorant folks.

Drake’s Sweet Response To Jay Z Calling Him A Female Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 3


Yeah, it’s true…Drake responded to Jay Z on “Draft Day,” but the response came off like a I am intimidated by you, so I am going to respond to you calling me a female in the most gracious way, and I will make sure not to say your name. We cannot think of anything else other than that as to what we believe Drake was thinking when he placed that pen to paper and stepped in the studio to fire his firecracker at Jay Z. It’s quite surprising.

Because Drake was taking so long to fire back at Jay Z calling him a female- we thought Drake was going to come back hard at Jay Z but he didn’t even touch him. Drake’s response to Jay Z is not worth while talking about as Jay Z calling him a female which was talked about in media circles, in the office, and  on radio stations was more to the core of bringing a man into question. We like Drake…he is a nice, respectful dude, but we get tired of hearing people calling him a female and then seeing him still show these people respect when they show him none, it bothers us. On Drake’s response to  Jay Z calling him a female  amongst claiming other things- Drake responded in saying this: (more…)

Rihanna And Drake Hand-Holding Filed In: Romance 29


What the heck is going on with these two ? How much longer will they Rihanna keep this act up for, because we know they will never be together when it comes to building a serious life and having kids. The ball is in Chris Brown’s court.

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