Sir Elton John and David Furnish Welcome New Addition To Their Family Filed In: Celebrities 29

Sir Elton John and David Furnish have finally got what they wanted, a new addition of a  newborn baby boy going by the name Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John to their family. Damn, we don’t think the name is long enough. Elton and his lover achieved the baby through a surrogate in California on Saturday.

 And later Sir John gave this statement:

“We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment. Zachary is healthy and doing really well, and we are very proud and happy parents.”


Jake Gyllenhaal Continues With His Expensive Gift Buying For Taylor Swift Filed In: Celebrities 23

Ok, so last time we reported that Jake Gyllenhaal bought Taylor Swift a $10,000 guitar for her birthday, but the gift giving does not stop there. Jake allegedly also bought Taylor a $100,000 on a diamond bracelet. What the hell!! Is this guys really nuts or is so beat up for the girl that he is buying her heart through gifts? Like come on, a 10,000 dollar gift is too much but now a $100,000 dollar gift- that is a down payment on a house. And, the next and main thing is, this guy is still in the getting to know you stage with Taylor. If they broke up today, she walks away laughing at his sorry ass, there is no way in hell this relationship is going to work. We have seen too many relationships in Hollywood to know when one is headed for the gutter.

Here is what a source had to say about the crazy ass expensive gift Jake bought Taylor:

“It’s an Oscar-worthy bracelet – nearly 30 carats of colourless diamonds set in white gold.”

In Touch Weekly states that the bracelet and other modest presents included were sent to Taylor Swift earlier in the month. This guy is nuts. We were trying not to say it, but what the hell, we cannot help but wonder Jake is doing all this to get Swifty into bed or could he be this misguided or dumb on the rules of engagement when it comes to relationships.  Somebody needs to tell Jake to get his A- game on and stop with the gift buying bull-shit. And besides, it’s not as if the girl does not have the money to buy the shit for herself. This is just sickening to us, no wonder why we live in the world that we do, you have idiotic people like Jake burning money on crap that could help many who are suffering or are less fortunate.

Thoughts? would you buy your partner a $100,000 dollar gift if you had the financial means and have been dating the person for three to four months?

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Jake Gyllenhaal Buys Taylor Swift Expensive A-list Guitar Filed In: Celebrities 18

Unblieveable!  The things that people do when they are in love.

According to reports, Jake Gyllenhaal bought Taylor Swift a $10,000 guitar for her birthday signed by country star Chet Atkins. The two have not even been together yet for three months and this guys is so blinded by reality and common sense. A 10,000 dollar gift! what the hell. This is so ridculous and uncessary, for one their relationship is still young and the next thing is, she can buy her own f–king guitar. What a dumb ass Gyllenhaal is, is he this blinded by love he is missing all the lesson he should have learned from other men and the failures of other relationship in their early stages? we think so.  Extravagant gifts are the least thing to obtain and thought out in the early beginning of a relationship.

Here is what a  source close to the situation said:

“He spent the weekend in Nashville with her and she saw the guitar in a tiny store which a lot of A-list musicians use. Taylor drooled over it so Jake went back to the shop later and bought it for her. He was originally going to buy it just as a gift but it ended up being perfect for her birthday on Monday.”

 Omg! its not like she does not have the money to buy it when she first saw it. Come on… its either this guys is being played or is viewed as a sucker by Taylor. This relationship will not last. We predict a maximum of maybe, maybe one year and it is over.

Canadian Couple Wins 11.2 Million And Gives It All Away Filed In: Lifestyle 6

Many people play the lottery for one and one reason only, to accomplish all that they have ever dreamed of in life and to pay, never having to work again, and to pay off all outstanding bills. But one elderlyCanadian couple who have been married for 36 years and living in a 147 year-old house  won 11.2 million off of the lottery(lotto649) proved us wrong of this thought by giving away almost all their winnings-only keeping 2 percent for themselves.  Their family members were the first receivers of their winnings and then they went on giving spree of their winnings to over 70 churches, cemeteries, hospitals, fire departments and other charities. Holly shit! What a generous decision but then why would someone play the lottery if they don’t need the money?  Many people wanted know the same in wondering why this couple would dole out their big winning the way they did. And the call came in from the media, here is what the couple had to say

“We’re overwhelmed with everything,” Violet said in the couple’s cosy living room in Lower Truro, N.S.

“We didn’t do this to get recognition. We did this because we wanted to. … We’re just country hicks.”

“Everybody can’t understand why — everybody says why didn’t you keep it? Why did you give it away? But we didn’t need this big amount,” Allen Large says, another lottery ticket sitting on his dining room table.

“We were sitting quite well before we ever won this money. We weren’t millionaires, but we were well to do.”

Violet mentioned that she and her husband need nothing other than each other. This couple may have done something that seem so crazy in our eyes, but their willingness to give should be recognized.

What would you have done in this were you with a new found wealth?

R&B Singer Monica Engaged To Lakers Shannon Brown Filed In: Celebrities 19


Omg! This is a real surprise, only been dating since this summer and Monica and Shannon Brown of the Los Angeles Lakers are now engaged. She quickly took to her account to send out a tweet of the engagement-displaying her ring for us all to see. Here is what Monica had to say in her tweet about the step to marriage hood:

“That’s the way of the world.But we know who we are&who’s we are.” She also thanked her “real supporters who are happy for me. I thank u, I love u, & I’m realistic enough about life”.  


Yes, by the sounds of her tweet, she seems to know that her engagement to someone from just dating him since the summer is too fast, but you know, we are going to let this one slip, because we know the battle she has been fighting for dedication and love from that right somebody. Monica’s ex-boyfriend committed suicide in 2000 right before her eyes(how devastating and traumatic this must have been) and her later boyfriend and rapper C-Murder is now in jail after killing someone. Just with that name, you would think a woman of Monica’s mentally would have run in the other direction.


We wish her the best and hope that this is true love she has found.