Ciara Glowing Hotness On Display Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 7


We already admired Ciara and her hot body, but is it us or does she ever look even more hot during her first pregnancy ?

Ciara Still Looks Hot Without Make-Up Filed In: Celebrities 19


Ciara is a natural beauty…without no make-up, Ciara is still an eye catcher. It really takes a gifted woman of beauty to look that good without make-up. Ciara has clearly inherited the beauty gene from someone within her family. Future  is luck, but we know he will do something to mess up this relationship.

Ciara Providing The Pregnancy Look Beyonce Didn’t Have: Authenticity Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 2


Ciara announcing she is pregnant was at the tip of her tongue in making the world aware of the pending new addition to her life… the flexible dancer wasted no time after announcing she was pregnant to show off the bump proudly from every angle. Beyonce probably wish she looked as good as Ciara during the time of her fake pregnancy… Ciara is just glowing.

Ciara Confirms She Is Pregnant On “The View” Filed In: Celebrity Pregnancies 14


Well, the blogs have been  saying for months that Ciara is pregnant  and she has done all she can non-verbally to deny the reports, but with mother nature taking its course- Ciara had no choice but to announce her pregnancy.

Ciara confirmed on The View that she is pregnant, and we would say that we are surprise that she selected such a platform for her pregnancy announcement- but we have always felt that Ciara has been looking for the biggest way to announce her pregnancy to the world. And, what better way than on The View. But, sadly… no one really cares because the news of Ciara’s pregnancy has been reported for months now.