In You Haven’t Seen It: Chris Brown’s Mugshot Filed In: High Profile Cases 19


Yes, that’s the latest Chris Brown mugshot above. Chris Brown is still in jail and awaiting trial for an incident which occurred in Washington D.C. outside a hotel. Chris’ bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy has reported to police that the man, Park Adams was punched in the face after he tried to board the singer’s tour bus… however, Adams is saying not true, he stated that he was punched in the face by Chris Brown after he tried to take a photo with the singer. Even if the bodyguard is telling the truth- we don’t think this will be last Chris Brown mugshot or run-ins with the court system we will see of the singer. He is one of those people who will never learn. (more…)

New Tune: Chris Brown- “Loyal” Featuring Lil Wayne And Tyga Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 24



Warning! bad language

The energy of the song is good, but Chris deciding to include a lot of cursing on this track, Loyal takes out the pleasure of listening to the song.

Rihanna And Drake Saga Ends Over Chris Brown Contacts Filed In: Infidelity,Romance 22


It’s like a dysfunctional love triangle with the inclusion of a stable man- Drake.  Despite the reports of Drake and Rihanna being a couple- I have  always believed that Rihanna is just having fun with Drake  and nothing more…her heart is with Chris. Any idiot would see this from a distant. Yes, he beat her up pretty bad in 2009, but unfortunately, many females run back to their abusive, dysfunctional relationships and despite finding a man that cherishes her- the woman often will select to go back with that bad man.

Having said that- people change, but in this case- Chris hasn’t…he has been on a consistent path of self-destruction, and if you ask me- it would not be wise for Rihanna to get back with Chris who has proven that he has not matured. Chris is currently in jail as of when this post was written. Rihanna(also known as Robyn) is said to have been released by Drake in him having no interest in her anymore after it came to his attention of her continued contact with Chris Brown. Here is what a source told  Urban Islandz:

Robyn is still madly in love with Chris and Drake became suspicious that she has been in contact with him,” the source said. “One time he heard her talking to Chris and confronted her about it but she denied any relationship with Chris. He then found out she and Chris have been sexting each other and that made him very angry and pulled the plug on their relationship. (more…)

The Reason Why Karrueche Tran Dumped Chris Brown Filed In: Romance 21


Chris Brown is a cheating man-whore with no desire of being committed to one woman, all this reportedly if you ask Karrueche Tran- his long-time gullible girlfriend who seemingly has been blinded by Chris’ long-standing hovering eyes for other women and “Karrueche didn’t notice until now”. Getting free gas pumped into that car can be distracting. If I had to guess- I would say that Karrueche finally realize that respect is more important over free car gasoline, fame and money, because here is what TMZ is saying as to why Karrueche left Chris to battle through his underlying and surface problems which result in aggressive behavior to deal with on his own in rehab:

Karrueche Tran didn’t dump Chris Brown because of the girl he allegedly banged in rehab — sources close to the model tell TMZ … she dropped the hammer on their relationship because he refused to stop texting his army of jump offs. (more…)

Troubled Chris Brown Will Buy His Way Out Of Jail If He Must Filed In: Troubled Celebs 21

Chris Brown Court Appearance

Money brings power- there is no question, and Chris Brown is about to prove this as it has been proven so many times in the history of the human race. If Chris had issue with a man getting too close to him whom he punched in the face- just imagine the level of discomfort he would feel in prison surrounded by hundreds of men. How much energy would he have to fight them all away ?

Clearly not much, so knowing that there is a high possibility for him to go to prison for violating his probation- Chris is believed to have given his lawyer Mark Geragos the go ahead in brokering a deal with the man he allegedly punched in the face- breaking his nose in the process. That  alleged incident  is said to be what is making  jail Chris’  home for all of this month and the majority of next month. (more…)