Britney Spears Appearing Ever So Close To The Brink Filed In: Troubled Celebs 9

Britney Spears Drives Assistant to Get Her Coffee

We keep telling you all that Britney Spears appears to be on the brink of collapse of a mental break-down, and it seems ever so evident with the latest appearance of her face above.

Thoughts ? Are we going crazy, or are we onto something hear ?

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Does Britney Spears Not Look Like She Is On The Brink ? Filed In: T.V. Shows,Troubled Celebs 20

britney spears at x factor event

Despite her doing “ok” lately, every time I see Britney Spears, she looks like she is straining the resistant of a mental break-down. Just look at her face,  I really don’t know if Britney is on medication, but she sure looks like she is heavily medicated on some approved medication to keep her at bay. There is clearly a reason why the woman is still not in control of her own money despite being 30 plus. So sad.

Britney Spears Diva Demands But… Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 27


Surprisingly, we must say that they are pretty reasonable. It seems like Britney Spears is taking her seriously and is trying to regain that prime stage her career was once at.

According to reports, Britney made some request for her upcoming tour, Femme Fatale.  Britney has banned all junk food from the tour, insist that all venues miniature gym, her humidifiers, all this to keep her voice sounding excellent.

Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj And Ke$ha Team Up For Smash Remix Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 24

This is Hot!

The song is so hot and is a complete hit and sounds so good until Ke$ha comes in with her verse, she ruined the whole track with her part.  Britney and Nicki Minaj sound so good together, they should consider doing an entire album together. Think about it, it would help both of them in expanding their arena of fans and earn them much recognition in the process.

Britney Spears “Til The World Ends” Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 15

Well, what to say, she hasn’t done anything  amazing performance wise as of yet and  her music videos prove not different as her last few, it sucks.