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Wow! what a change. Bristol is looking really hot and sexable.  Whatever Bristol did to get her body looking this way, she definately hit the jackpot and surely guys will come calling. Both her body and surprising her face is looking hot too.

This would be the first that I have seen of someone going under the knife(suspicion) and coming out looking so natural-making detection of plastic surgery difficult but doesn’t eliminate suspicion. With this new body she has going on, I can only see Bristol getting pregnant before she finishes her term at Arizona University.

Bristol Palin New Look; Plastic Surgery Or Natural? Filed In: Celebrities,Hotness 9

We see you Bristol, what is up with the drastic facial and body change. Bristol recently made a public appearance debuting her new look, acting as if she hasn’t done anything to herself .

Over hear, we are really against plastic surgery that a women engages in for a attempt for a perfect appearance. Luckly for Bristol, what ever work she had done, work out in her favour but lets hope it’s the end of her going under the knife. Of course all that we are saying is just speculation, because it is impossible for Bristol to have such a drastic facial look with now surgery being done. Her new body could have passed for your typical excercise but no excercise could have made such altering changes.

Update: Bristol Palin’s explanation for her new look she says is from constructive jaw and teeth alignment. Call me crazy, but Iam not believing this, it seems to me that she has had more than that done. either way and say if what she said is true, the girl is only 20 years old, why the hell is she messing with her natural beauty. Oh the vain, and the power of the media really dictates these people’s lives.

Bristol Palin Asking Levi Johnston To Give Up All Parental Rights To Their Son Filed In: Celebrities 25

Bristol Palin is in Arizona now and she ready and looking forward to starting a new life without Levi Johnston. In a radio interview Monday morning, Bristol stated that she “loves the town she lives in, the house and that Tripp’s happy and He’s healthy.” She asked her Levi Johnson sign away his parental rights to their 2-year-old son.

Here is what she had to say:

“Have I asked him to change Tripp’s last name? Of course,” she quipped. “I’ve asked him to do that many times. Just sign over your (parental) rights. He just doesn’t want to sign them over because it looks bad on paper.”

Unbelievable! This is such a selfish thought to even have. My gosh  how can she just think about herself and not that of her child, we would understand if Levi was a complete risk to that child but to try and terminate him from his child’s life for any other reason, this is just completely wrong. Wonder If Sarah Palin has anything to do with this.

Bristol Palin Cleared And Ready For Arizona But Not Her Baby As Levi Needs To Give Permission Filed In: Celebrities 30

The house is paid off in full and the selected university is known only to her, but Bristol Palin has one thing she needs to get sorted out before moves to Arizona, and that is the permission from Levi to take their child along for the journey to Arizona. Based on Levi’s history, we are guessing that this will be a no go for him; he loves controversy and the spotlight, so we are looking for the drama to unfold.

A Court official in Alaska prevents the primary parent with custody to take a child and relocate- permission is needed by the other parent or by the courts. We are guessing that the court will need to get involved for this move Bristol to get a green light.

Here is what Levi’s rep had to say:

“Levi is not at all upset that Bristol is going to Arizona. After the holidays, Levi and Bristol will get together and discuss plans for Tripp.”

Going to be interesting how this works out and if Sara Palin gets involved, because we all know how she loves to be in the mix-up but then does not want to be in the mix-up, example, her stint as former governor of Alaska.

Bristol Palin’s Buys House In Arizona Home Filed In: Celebrities 28

Look at this, how many of you at the age of  20 or when you were 20 were able to buy a house like this all cash paid for. Well, Bristol Palin bought a beautiful Arizona house in a step as a base in  pursuing her education. The house is a 3,900 sq ft property and was built in 2006 then purchased for $329,560. Bristol reportedly bought the house for a rumoured $172,000 in cash, no mortgage. How nice is that.  The house comes with a two-level, brown stucco house has a tile roof, two and a half baths, a three-car garage, a landscaped front and back yard and access to the community swimming pool seen above. And what a community swimming pool it is. Do you have one this beautiful in your neighbourhood?

Michael Smith, 55, the previous owner of the house had this to say of Bristol purchasing it:

‘I’m not sure why she wanted to buy that home, but we are real happy for her. ‘She seems like a nice girl. We’re excited for her.’

Nice digs for we think, she should be proud of this purchase. She now will have her freedom and can build her own life instead of being dragged around by her crazy mother, Sara Palin who wants everyone to think that she has the perfect family.