Bobbi Kristina Explains Wearing Two Different Pairs Of Shoes Filed In: Troubled Celebs 31


Holy crap! the woman seems to be so out of it that she apparently cannot even get one of the most important thing that is sacred to women together- the shoe game. But, don’t you dare say Bobbi Kristina is losing it, is on an  anorexic  path and so high out of her mind that she is oblivious of her surroundings.

She is fine just like that singing career she has been talking about. She is fine just like that acting career she has been talking about. Whatever, Bobbi is drinking- it must be really good and it’s a wonder why she is not sharing. The reason for having two different pair of shoes on her feet, Bobbi Kristina’s reason is this:  (more…)

Bobbi Kristina Just Like Her Mother In The Bad Ways ? Filed In: Troubled Celebs 18

bobbi kristina smoking through bong

Yes, that’s Bobbi Kristina above bong hits of marijuana.

Poor soul, just like her mother, Whitney Houston, it appears that there is no one around to help Bobbi Kristina. Just a few months after her mother’s death, images surface of a pass we all knew Bobbi Kristina had, smoking marijuana from a three foot water pipe that has shot all across the internet. This is the same Bobbi Krisitna that said that she wanted to follow in her mother’s footstep.

Many of you may have thought that had to do with a singing and acting career, but, well, you see for yourself above what footsteps Bobbi Kristina fancied in her mother.  We should mention that the still image above is one year old, but it still cannot be ignored as it showcases Whitney Houston daughter doing what her mother and others say she was not doing, drugs.  (more…)

National Enquirer Reports Whitney Houston Places Daughter Bobbi Kristina, 18 In Rehab Filed In: Troubled Celebs 17

After all the reported denials, its now said that Whitney Houston is so worried about Bobbi Kristina that she has put her feet down in having her 18 year old daughter admitted into rehab.  Whitney knows the affects of drug addiction and how it can destroy ones life, maybe she has learned from her battle that the first step is admitting to the problem in order to get appropriate help.

Here is what was said according to the National Enquire:

In an attempt to save her adolescent daughter from repeating her own mistakes, the 47-year-old mama has reportedly canceled Bobbi Kristina’s 18th birthday celebration at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, is taking back the Lexus she gifted her daughter and is sending her straight to rehab.

And if true, this is definately a mature and responsible move of a parent looking out for the best interest of their child. If only the Lohans can learn from this.

More from the Enquirer:

Bobbi Kristina attempted to debunk the cocaine photos on Twitter recently, and now she’s back to shoot down rehab rumors, tweeting, “Excuse me, but I’d like to say that I am NOT going to rehab? I’m perfectly healthy and I am not addicted to anything but life.”

Houston credits her own mother, Cissy Houston, with saving her from her addiction to crack cocaine. Houston told Oprah in 2009 that her mother forced her to rehab after getting a court injunction that allowed her to stage an intervention with armed police at Houston’s door in 2004.

Bobbi Kristina’s father — R&B bad boy and Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown — has a drug history of his own, and his daughter seems to be following in both her parents’ hard-partying footsteps. This isn’t the first news of the famous offspring’s teen troubles. Rumors have also recently surfaced of a Bobbi Kristina sex tape.

We keep in mind that this news is from the National Enquirer and we are taking this lightly as many news they have reported have turned out not to be inaccurate or not exist at all.

Reports Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina Slept With Over 30 Men Filed In: Troubled Celebs 8

Things are not looking  good for Bobbi Kristina, not only are the talks heating up about her rumored drug use,  an insider spoke to The National Enquirer  and claims that Bobbi Kristina is a little slut has slept with over 30 men. Damn! To think we thought that her rumored usage of drugs was bad enough to tarnish her image, a claim coming forward that Bobbi Kristina has slept with a crap load of men may just be worse than her rumored drug usage. To add even more gas to the flame, The National Enquirer is reporting that Whtiney Houston enables her daughter’s drug use.

According to sources Whitney gives her daughter $1,000 A WEEK, cash that she uses to buy drugs, alcohol and any other bad crap that should not enter the human body. And it doesn’t stop there, its also reported that Whitney buys Beer for Bobbi and her underage friends. (more…)

Partying Too Much Causes Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown To Have Intervention With Daughter Filed In: Troubled Celebs 16

Oh my, here we go, round three

According to the The National Enquirer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown‘s 17-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has been having a ball so much with her friends that both her parents have have attempted to stage an intervention, to prevent her from going down a negative path, which can be difficult to overcome from their first hand experience.  Both Bobby and Whitney have had their own serious drug addictions that have seen both of  them drop out of the height of the limelight, and they don’t want their daughter’s life to be affected by a bad decision not given attention to in the early beginnings.

Here is what a source revealed:

Whitney and Bobby sat Bobbi Kristina down and read her the riot act. They brought in counselors and they’re trying to drum into her that because of their problems, she’s genetically predisposed to alcoholism and drug addiction. They’ll do anything to spare Bobbi Kristina from the substance abuse hell they’ve both experienced. Whitney and Bobby are torn because they don’t want to alienate their daughter and overact, but they realize she’s at risk for serious addiction problems, just like them. They’re dealing with these issues as a family, and they’re praying it’s not too late to get Bobbi Kristina back on track.”

So sad. This poor family has certainly been through enough, and we sincerely hope that if this is true, then they can get Bobbi Kristina back on track and hopefully work together to maintain a happy, healthy, and clean-living home for one another. Sad, but not surprising this is happening. When you have parents engaged in negative behaviors that becomes a life or death situation-kids will eventually notice these acts and think that this is the normal and cool way to act out and they too before it is known will engage in the same activities as the parents. Hopefully, the appropriate steps will be taken to place Bobbi Kristina on the right path in getting her better for the future and not for the moment.

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