Beyonce Trips On Way To Stage Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 11


As vain singer Beyonce Knowles was walking up a flight of stairs probably checking every cranny of how she looks ended up tripping to the stage. Fans knowing what Beyonce needs in feeling better gave her a cheering applause to keep her feeling like she is the best. Can’t see the video ? Go over to You-Tube

Beyonce Thigh Photo-Shopping, Did She Really Do This ? Filed In: Celebrities 11


When I call Beyonce a vain woman- it’s not a word I just pick from the air, because it’s not difficult in detecting how vain Beyonce is. She displays it daily, and cannot help herself. Urban celebrity news outlets have been reporting as well as we have that Beyonce for a long-time appears to be catering to the standards of the white demographic. So, the apparent thigh photo-shop if proven to be true would not be a surprise. As an urban celebrity or black celebrity -you would think Beyonce would proudly show off her curves, and use urban celebrity news platforms to showcase this.

What you’re looking at above is what we believe are photo-shopped thighs by Beyonce as she pretends to golf- which she proudly shot up to the internet. There is sadly a thigh gap trend occurring, and it looks like Beyonce has decided to embrace this over the proud, natural figure God has blessed her with.  Despite Beyonce being accused of photo-shopping her thighs-we don’t expect her to admit to what she has done if she did it. The fact, Beyonce’s thigh gap  in her bikini while golfing looks unnatural, and is quite obvious in the magic of a certain program used to alter many images. Again- Beyonce will lie as she seemingly often does about many things- but urban celebrity news outlets will not be so gullible in her denial. Many on Twitter are not even waiting for a response from Beyonce on her supposed thigh gap tool play. Here is what some twitter users are saying:

really @Beyonce? we all love your thick thighs. NO reason to photoshop a thigh gap in there..

And… another user said:

Beyoncé uploading photoshopped images to Instagram making her legs look skinner. Tut tut.

Beyonce Not As Nice As She Seems; Complains On Staff, Cost Them Their Job Filed In: Celebrities 7

beyonce mean face

Beyonce’s fake smile, fake demeanor and shaky voice should all give this sneaky bitch in that when you ask her for something- she may give it to you or politely give you a response, but as soon as you turn your back- she will have your ass deal with that would cause a HUGE disruption to your life. Beyonce and her fake ass persona is one bitch everyone needs to always look out for. Apparently, staff  working at Bergdorf Goodman knows all about Beyonce’s heartless actions in complaining on whomever ask her for photos and then shot it up to the internet. Here is what is being said via Page Six when Beyonce walked into Bergdorf Goodman:

The staff was all very nervous because she is known to have people fired,” alleged my source in the store.

Why would the staff at this store be scared of Beyonce’s arrival in their store- here is why via Page Six : (more…)

In Case You Care: A Photo Of Blue Ivy Filed In: Celebrities 4

beyonce and blue ivy

beyonce and blue ivy

Do  you still care ?

Beyonce Thanking “The Haters” Filed In: Celebrities 4


Hold On! I thought Beyonce doesn’t read the blogs, and blocked out all the critics. So! how does she know that she has “haters.”? It looks like this is another episode of Beyonce lying once again.

If you know anything about Beyonce, it’s that she loves public attention, and as much as she might act like privacy is important to her and she doesn’t pay attention to those criticizing her… Beyonce is the first to run to the front in listening to what is being said and by who. In case you didn’t know…Beyonce views anyone that doesn’t bow down to their knees and praise everything she does as haters. Oh, Beyonce…get a grip of yourself.