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Amber rose

I am sorry, but I just love the physical being of former model Amber Rose. She is the definition of what is sexy, she is no twig, she has curves, booty, breast, and hot, sexy thighs and the face to go with that banging body. Just pure beauty.

Unlike  Kim Kardashian  who has long been said to have had a series of work done in getting her body to the manufactured look she desires. Amber is that kinda female that would look good in the morning all around. Marcy, you’re always asking me about the kind of woman I like- there you have it above.

Image:  Necole Bitchie

Banging MILF Amber Rose Takes Walk With Her Son Filed In: Celebrities,Celebrity Pregnancies 28


Amber Rose  is still hot, and looking fresh. The model  and her sexy thighs were spotted out and about with her son . Amber is married to eccentric rapper  Wiz Khalifa.

The two are very different in terms of appearance, but it just goes to show that difference doesn’t always mean no way to connect. Amber is very much in love with Wiz, and he has consistently professed his love and respect for her.  Not something you see by too many black men today.

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Amber Rose Displays New Hairstyle Filed In: Celebrities 8


Amber Rose got a new hair do- and proudly puts it on display for the world as she plays with her biggest responsibility yet in her life-her new baby for rapper Wiz Khalifa. Do you like Amber’s new hairstyle ?

Amber Rose Twerks In Wedding Dress Filed In: Hotness 20

Well, well, well… one thing is for sure, Amber Rose has an ass and she has not lost her gift that allowed her to rake in those dollars at the strip club back in the days. Ok that was two things, not one… I couldn’t resist.

Amber Rose Speaks On Giving Birth Filed In: Celebrity Interviews,Celebrity Pregnancies 1

Check out what the first time mom had to say above in giving birth, and the pain and struggles that comes with it.