The Advantages Of Being White, Prison Time Is Slim: Amber Portwood Serves Only 17 Months Of 5 Year Sentence Filed In: Troubled Celebs 5

amber portwood getting out of prison

Reality show star  Amber Portwood(above left in grey)  who was sentenced to five years in prison for violating her probation but was released from prison yesterday after only serving 17 months of a five year sentence. From TMZ:

The judge had given Amber the choice of going to a drug rehab program instead of prison — but Amber decided she would rather serve time than do the program.

And more…

We’re told Portwood was granted early release due to good behavior, time served and the fact that she completed two unspecified prison courses while serving her time.

Would this ever happen to a black person- we don’t think so. Serving only 17 months of a five year sentence. Ha!

Amber Portwood Is Every Man’s Nightmare: Portwood Diagnosed As Bipolar Filed In: Lifestyle,Reality T.V. 12

amber portwood

If you suspected it before and was at that uncomfort level of Amber Portwood’s mental state, they say the heart is often right of its feelings. Its been no secret of the troubled and unstable life Amber Portwood lives and its not for t.v. but rather a quality she truly posses, Amber recently revealed that she she’s been diagnosed with bipolar and dissociative disorder.

Now, its well known that a person being diagnosed with these disorders vary in terms of the severity, but there is just something that just scares the crap out of me in NOT wanting to associate myself in a romantic relationship with someone who has been diagnosed with Biploar, the thought of unpredictability just consistently rides the mind, and the best way I’ve found to deal with this is to avoid getting romantically involved with such people. Not trying to spew ignorance here, but we all have  ways of dealing with issues, and I say as long as it doesn’t cause harm to anyone in how you want to deal with an issue, go ahead with what you feel is best for you.

Here is Amber speaking of  being diagnosed:

“I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago. I struggle with it. I hate it. I grieve over it.


“Teen Mom” Star Amber Portwood Attemps Suicide, Rushed To Hospital Filed In: Troubled Celebs 15


The life of fame and fortunes, even with it in their posession, the wealthy and financially adjusted are still not happy, just another sign to show that the saying is correct, money doesn’t bring happiness.  Not really a teenage mother anymore, seeing that she is in her 20′s but is still referred as one, Amber Portwood was rushed to the hospital yesterday after an occupant of the household called 911 stating that Amber Portwood was depressed and was making threats of terminating her life

According to Radar Online, Amber was rushed to the hospital after being found in an unconscious at her home with a rope wrapped around her neck, suggesting an suicide attempt. She is now said to be at St. Johns Hospital in Anderson, Indiana, where she is being treated. Amber, 21, who is a mother of a young 2 year old has admitted to hospital staff that she had taken a mixture of pills.

Here is what a source had to say:

“It’s believed she may have taken an overdose of some kind of pill. She also may have tried to tie a piece of rope or string around her neck.”

Amber has since gained consciousness and is stabilized after being brought to an emergency room.

Amber Portwood Looking Sharp Going To Colts And Jets Game In Style Filed In: Reality T.V. 10

Check it out, its Amber and she recently made her way to the Colts and New York Jets game in which the Colts lost. We have to say that we are quite surprise, because we thought we would not be seeing Amber for a while other than for her court appearances. After all, one can only take so much of the negative attention, but not Amber. She will go out and about as she likes and will not make a bad situation keep her down.

Arrest Warrant Issued For Reality Show Star Amber Portwood Filed In: Reality T.V. 27

Madison County prosecutors have placed  three felony charges on Portwood and issued an arrest warrant as a result. The felonies includes Neglect of Dependent, and one misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

This reportedly all stems from a December 27  case titled State Of Indiana vs. Amber Portwood. Evidence for the misdemeanor on the domestic battery charge against Portwood comes from an episode of MTV’s Teen Mom where  Portwood was seen punching her ex-fiance Gary Shirley. Reports are that associates involved with the MTV reality show told Portwood to hit her boyfriend. Lets hope for MTV case this is not true.