Alicia Keys New Hair Cut: Keys Cuts Hair Off For Music Single Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 20

alicia keys new hair cut for new music

Yes, that’s Alicia Keys new hair style.

Talk about dedication, Alicia Keys staying true to her artwork of music, wacked her hair off to a shorter uknown level to her fans. Keys seemingly happy with her new hair do, jumped on Twitter to get approval  from her fans show off her new do.

Keys Tweeted the caption: (more…)

The Self-Esteem A Man Can Provide For A Woman: Alicia Keys Bathing Suit Body Filed In: Hotness 4


Remember the days when Alicia Keys would be all covered up with those long sleeves and long tight pants- well, we are in a different time now. Alicia Keys has a man in her life that loves and appreciates her body and that’s all a  woman needs in making her feel confident and showing skin she is not accustomed to doing or has never done before. The bathing suit bod of Alicia Keys was posted to Twitter by her rapper and producer husband Swizz Beats with the caption:

 “My Bond Girl:) 007 AK47.”

The feeling must be so good for Alicia

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Alicia Keys Is All Smiles Over Her New Born Filed In: Ubran & Alternative Music 5

In case you have been living under a rock, Alicia Keys had a baby boy with Swiss Beats on Oct 14. She is of course extremely happyand glowing from the event and wants us all to know this.

Here is a message that she sent through her blog to express her feelings:

“I’m most enamored with anatomy at this point,” she wrote. “The miracle of the human body. The ability to create all these small amazing machines of veins, capillaries, digestive systems, eyes, ears and noses. I can spend HOURS looking at one little EAR! Have u ever noticed how complex just an ear is? A tiny maze of art. It may sound silly but it’s so true. Or a heartbeat? Everyday we wake up and in some way, take for granted the fact that this beautiful pulsating organ in our body is the reason, and yet now that’s all I can think of…

“And breath; invisible as it may be, how necessary! “Ain’t it true that things we really can’t see are of the greatest importance? “I’ve never seen a more beautiful face in my LIFE! The most perfect eyes and beautiful nose, the sweetest lips and skin so soft and kissable! Never have I felt such disbelief, such awe, humility, godliness, such strength, power and possibility.

“I’ve never believed in greatness and the never ending Higher Power more than now! “And I can’t believe he’s mine!”

Congrats to Alicia, lets just hope that Swizz Beats stay committed to her for the long haul

Alicia Keys Pregnant for Swizz Beats Filed In: Celebrities 20

alicia keys

So happy for Alicia Keys… she just seems like a  warm, loving and caring person. She is the right person to be blessed with such a precious gift. I just hope Swizz Beats understands how lucky he is to have such a beautiful, caring, sincere and devoted woman in his life. So many people mess up a good thing without realizing what they have.   Rumour has it that Mr Beats left his wife for Alicia Keys; let’s hope this is not true. I am routing for this relationship to last. What about you? Do you think this relationship is doom from the start, or will it last for the future?