Elementary School Shooting Massacre In Connecticut Leaves 20 Children Dead

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Just so sad. Another day, another shooting massacre in America, and this time in an elementary school where 20 children ages 5-10 where shot dead. Two gunmen(brothers) roamed through Sandy Hook Elementary School took out whomever that was in their path. One of the gunmen at Sandy Hook Elementary School entered a class where his mother was a elementary school teacher and shot her dead along with the Principal, Psychologist and children in a concentrated part of the school.

It’s said that one of Connecticut’s elementary school shooter once entered the school proceeded directly to the classroom where his mother worked slashing her life down along with children. The same shooter, a reported 24 year old unidentified man and father of one of the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School reportedly also shot his father before committing the massacre at Sandy Elementary School. In total, 26 people where killed at Sandy Elementary School. According to authorities, one of Sandy Elementary School Massacre shooter died in the school from a self-inflicted gunshot would. The other shooter involved in the elementary Massacre was allegedly shot dead some ways away from the school.


As of when this post was written( hours after the horror) dead bodies of students, the principal, physchologist and the shooter still remained in the school. As police entered the school and located the dead shooter, children were lead outside and told to close their eyes. This being the second worse shooting massacre of the year, we have to ask, what will it take, just what will it take for the government to grasp the reality that we as citizens don’t need guns. Continuing to allow the public to have guns will only continue to innocent lives being slashed down in masses.

The most sad thing about the shooting massacre at Sandy Elementary School is that even this will not change the minds of many for a gun ban law to be implemented in America. The argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people is just an ignorant, silly thought. Guns don’t have a brain of their own, they are picked up by people point at a target and the trigger is pressed by people to kill targets. Every time there is a massacre or the shooting death of innocent lives being taken, we shed tears but despite the horror and sadness, the argument of proposed gun ban law in America is still a controversial issue. Its time, it’s really time for the government to implement gun ban laws in America.

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