Why Is Chris Brown Paying For Karrueche’s Gas ?

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Earlier, we reported on Chris Brown meeting up with his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche  after he dumped her for Rihanna…the thought of why Chris and Karrueche would be meeting up have been many, but the most consistent one has been that Karrueche met up with the troubled R&B singer to collect the remainder of her things and for closure.

First off, how much closure does Karrueche need, and is there really a need for closure when  one partner cheats on the other ? Like, all respect is gone, so is having closure neccessary ? Karrueche looking like she is hungry and starving herself, collected money from one of Chris’ bodyguard for gas, so we have to ask, is Karrueche that Broke ? Typically when a partner cheats on the other, the loyal one wants nothing(normally) to do with the cheater, but in Karrueche’s case, looks like Chris paying for her gas one last time is what she needed to fully move on.

Image via Idolator

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