Selena Gomez Speaks On Liking Drake And Her Butt Not Being Big Enough For Him Filed In: Celebrities,Romance 16

selena gomez and drake

Rapper Drake has another slam lined up if he wants it. Selena Gomez displayed her crush or likeliness to the rapper-leaving an open door of possibility that she would connect with the rapper should he decide to ask her out. On the possibility of connecting with Drake on a serious level- here is what Gomez said:

“I mean this in the nicest way, I just don’t have a big enough butt for Drake,”she playfully said.

Sounds to us like if Drake is willing to settle for less-Gomez is willing to deliver. I don’t get why these ladies are so up on Drake- there is nothing special about the guy’s physical features. He is not ugly, he is not handsome- he is just blah- a normal every day guy that has more chance of winning a woman over on his personality rather than his looks. Am I wrong here ?

Spotted Vibe Vixen

  • Spilldabeanz

    Nope u quite right! He does look just like an average dude..

  • Unlimited Whispers™

    She looks like a little kid.