Rocsi’s Stalker Like Behavior Got Her Dumped: Eddie Murphy Breaks Up With Rocsi Diaz Filed In: Celebrity Break-ups,Romance 10

Rocsi Diaz on beach

Yes, Rocsi Diaz’s fling with Eddie Murphy is over.

Despite them always playing coy about their relationship fling, we knew better of what was really going on between Eddie Murphy and Rocsi as the two were seen just about everywhere together. Murphy is not the kind of man to go to award shows with a woman on his arm dressed to match and spend lengthy times with a female in areas where a man typically reserves for that one woman he is getting the goods from.

After being with a woman such as Nicole Murphy and rumored as a womanizer, we just knew it wouldn’t be long before Murphy kicked Rocsi to the curb and sure enough the time has come. Eddie Murphy dumped Rocsi due to her reported seemingly stalker like behavior where she would call Murphy consistently asking about his whereabouts when not with him and who he was talking to in the background whenever on the phone with him.  All that was enough for Murphy to release Rocsi off back to the pound of low-self-esteem to opportunist men.

Here is what a source had to say about Rocsi and Eddie Murphy’s relationship and how she became like a crazed stalker:

“She was constantly calling and texting, checking his social media and questioning about where he was and who he was with. Eddie doesn’t work like that. So he stopped returning her calls.”

Just so sad, Rocsi will never learn that spreading her legs for men is not the key to rising to the top. Murphy sees right through her scheme and refuse to allow a woman such as Rocsi to feed off of him and alter his reported womanizing ways.  Murphy dumping Rocsi is surely something she had to have seen coming. What she expect, marriage and kids. Ha!

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