Oh No! Rapper AP.9 Hints He Slept With Ice T’s Wife, Coco

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Oh dear, this is not what Ice T is interested in hearing. Just when we all thought Coco’s mistake actions in posing in some questionable pics with other men showing while showing off some very affectionate facial expression was over, here comes more news that is sure to have Ice T question Coco on their reality show in the privacy of their home.

When photos began circulating of Coco posing with AP.9, Ice T voiced his anger on Twitter, now it appears Ice T may have to voice his anger one more time. Rapper AP.9 recently hinted that he slept with Coco. When asked about the rumors floating around of him having slept with Coco, AP.9  said, no comment. When asked if he fears any backlash from Ice T, here is what  AP.9 had to say:

“I’m  from the hood … I’m not worried about nothin’.”

What you think, do you believe AP.9 slept with Coco and Ice T is too blind to see what is going on, or do you think AP.9 is trying to cause problem for Ice T and Coco’s relationship and is looking for attention for himself ?