Have You People Seen Rick Ross’ Girlfriend

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Rick Ross is sure landing the ladies. We have to ask though, do you think the ladies we have seen Rick Ross with would be there if he was not wealthy and famous ? One thing is for sure, it’s really true what 50 Cent said, having wealth does place a man in a different demographic of women. 50 Cent may love the attention of the public and sometimes appears to try too hard for it, but the man is no idiot.

When 50 Cent speaks, if your wise, its good to pay attention because unlike Kim Kardashian, what 50 Cent says can be what you need to kick start something dear to your heart and provide that knowledge which may come in handy. Surprisingly, Rick Ross’ girlfriend is petite, not the common type of woman a black man goes for. Black men are known to love curvy women with a bountiful booty. All the goodness.

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