What The Hell Is Going On In America!? Man Waiting In Line On Lebron James Sneaker Shoots Robber Dead, Police Clears Him Of Crime

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Again, what the hell is going on in America. As the new Lebron James X EXT “Denim” was released on Saturday morning in Atlanta, which had many waiting in-line, a man roamed through the line of people executing his pick pocket skills that was spotted by a man waiting in line who just so happened to have a gun on him.

The man got out of line and shot the pick pocket thief to death, and then went back in line like nothing happened. The thief was later pronounced dead. According to reports, the man who shot the thief dead was not be charged by police. Really, is this the world we now live in… taking the law into our hands- when ones life is not in danger.  Imagine, you are on the subway having a heated argument with someone, and there is a person on the subway with a gun who happens to side with the opinion of the person who you are arguing with, and then shoots you in disagreement.  Crazy scenario, but not much different from the situation above when you compare it to the real life story.

Spotted: Sandra Rose